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RIBSPREADER, assembled during 2004 and debuting with the April 'Bolted To The Cross' album for New Aeon Media, consists of current and former PAGANIZER members, Rogga Johansson and erstwhile PAGANIZER man Andreas Carlsson on guitar, along with the esteemed DAN SWANÖ on drums and lead guitars. Swanö is an influential figure in the extreme Scandinavian Metal scene, citing involvement in acts as diverse as UNICORN, PAN-THY-MONIUM, GODSEND, WOUNDED KNEE and NIGHTINGALE among others. Johansson, also a veteran of DEAD SUN, BLODSRIT, CARVE and DERANGED, reinforced the connection with Swanö by featuring as guest vocalist on the EDGE OF SANITY album 'Crimson II'.

RIBSPREADER cut a 2004 album at Soundlab Studios in Örebro, entitled 'Congregating the Sick' for Holland's Karmageddon Media, in August. The group added THIS HAVEN drummer Johan Berglund for these sessions. In early 2005 RIBSPREADER underwent a drastic line-up overhaul, losing the services of Andreas Carlsson, Dan Swanö and Johan Berglund. The revised trio would comprise Rogga Johansson on vocals and guitar, bassist Patrik Halvarsson and drummer Mattias Fiebig, all ex-PAGANIZER members. Fiebig holds scene credits with PORTAL, DARK RITES and BLODSRIT.

2005 saw Rogga Johansson's involvement in a high profile side-project, the Västervik Progressive Death Metal band DEAD END WORLD. Bbowing in with a demo billed 'The Isolation', Johansson would be joined by Jonas Granvik of WITHOUT GRIEF on "Death vocals" and TAD MOROSE veteran Kristian 'Krille' Andrén on "Melodic" vocals, guitarist Simon Johansson of MEMORY GARDEN and FIREGOD and Patrik Johansson, holding YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, STORMWIND and WITHOUT GRIEF credits, on drums.

RIBSPREADER signed to Malaysian label Summers End Records for a 2006 album, 'Church Of The Zombie (Re-Excavated Death)', announcing this outing would be restricted to a limited edition of 600 copies. However, this release was curtailed due to the label fearing confiscation by government authorities. A further new album, billed 'Serenity In Obscenity', would be signed to Dutch label VIC Records and a split single with MACHETAZO would also be projected.

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