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Date Formed 1996
Date Disbanded 2003

Categories: Black Metal, Christian Metal, Unblack


A Christian Black Metal band. Fronted by Hubertus Liljegren, brother of Christian Liljegren of noted Christian Hard Rock act NARNIA, SANCTIFICA include OBSECRATION man Jonathan "Steele" Jansson on bass guitar. The band's debut demo 'In The Black Midwinter' was produced by NARNIA's Carl Johan Grimmark whilst NARNIA's keyboard player Martin Claesson would deputize for SANCTIFICA for a period. The group debuted commercially in 2000, Christian Metal label Little Rose Productions releasing the album 'Spirit Of Purity'. In 2001 the In The Black Midwinter' demo, in a remastered version, was re-released as a split CD with PANTOKRATOR's 'Songs Of Solomon' session.

Bjoern Isaksson would aid SANCTIFICA temporarily as lead vocalist for live work until the band drafted a permanent frontman in David Seiving, known for his employ as vocalist / bassist with CRIMSON MOONLIGHT. The band would begin to steer away from the Black Metal sound on their 2002 'Negative B' album.

Hubertus Liljegren would bow out in November of 2002, becoming bassist with CRIMSON MOONLIGHT. Jonathan Jansson joined PANTOKRATUR in 2003, switching to the guitar role. Hubertus Liljegren formulated DIVINEFIRE.

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