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Christian Metal act ADMONISH was founded in Stockholm during 1994 by guitarist Emanuel Wärja and vocalist / keyboard player Samuel. Next in line for recruitment would be bassist Matthew and drummer Per. Samuel then relinquished the vocal role to Kim. The group then evolved to see Petrus on second guitar, Mattias on bass and Simon on drums. In the Autumn of 1998 the band was joined by singer Martin Norén and keyboard player Joakim. ADMONISH then operated for a period with a drum machine until OBSECRATION's Robin Svedman enrolled.

In mid 1999 Joakim exited. A further blow was dealt when Per departed in 2002 to join CRIMSON MOONLIGHT. Regrouping, ADMONISH drafted Joel on guitar and in 2003 by ex-TAKETH man Jonas Karlsson on bass. Joel then quit and Samuel returned on guitar. Emil Karlsson, another TAKETH veteran, then made the second guitar position permanent.

ADMONISH recorded demos in 2004. An EP, 'Den Yttersta Tiden', emerged in April the following year, ironically launched with a gig at Club 666.

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