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SWEDEN, Stockholm

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Stockholm Death Metal act COERCION came together in 1992 as a quintet of frontman Kenneth Nyman, guitarists Rickard Thulin and L. Ortega, bassist Pelle Liljenberg and drummer G. Johnston. By the following year the first demo 'Headway' had emerged and COERCION would follow this with a further tape 'Human Failure'. COERCION's line-up had evolved by this point as Stefan Persson had taken Ortega's position. The band scored a deal with domestic label Chaos Records but much to their frustration no product was instigated. However, German label Perverted Taste would pick up the band for the debut album 'Forever Dead'. New members at this juncture, with the departure of Persson, were guitarist Steffe Söderberg and drummer Tor Frykholm. Subsequently Persson went on to DREAD and Heavy Metal act STONFROG in September 1997.

Shortly after the 'Forever Dead' sessions Frykholm broke ranks and Pelle Ekegren took over drum duties. COERCION's turmoil did not end there though as Liljenberg would make his exit immediately prior to gigs in Germany and Poland on a package bill with IMPENDING DOOM, CRYPTIC TALES and PURGATORY.

With Söderberg also leaving COERCION trimmed down to a trio to record the sophomore March 1999 album 'Delete'. Thulin entered the ranks of MYNJUN and would also be inducted into IMPERIOUS during 2004. Drummer Pelle Liljenberg joined veteran act GRAVE in early 2004.

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