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Female fronted, Stockholm melodic Death Metal band DECADENCE, featuring the ex-DEVASTATOR guitar pairing of Christian Lindholm and Niclas Radberg alongside DEMENTED bassist Kenneth Lantz, issued the 2004 demo 'Land Of Despair'. The band had started life billed as RAVENOUS, but would only undertake two gigs under this title before switching to DECADENCE. Singer Kitty Saric holds credits with DIVINE DOMINION and DEKAPITERA. Lantz shifted to the guitar role as Roberto Vacchi Segerlund was inducted on bass.

Ex-DEAFENING SILENCE drummer Patrik Frögéli would accede to the position as his predecessor Peter Lindqvist bowed out to prioritise his other acts CANOPY and A-BROS. Radberg would be substituted by rhythm guitarist Michael Sjölund of TRAMUMATAGE. The band, issuing the album 'Decadence', shifted shape once again and in 2005 was quoting a line-up comprising Saric, Lantz, second guitarist Daniel Green, bass player Joakim Antman with Erik Röjås on drums.

Ex-drummer Patrik Frögéli joined BLOODSHED in September 2006.

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