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Corpse painted Black Metal act SIEBENBÜRGEN date to 1994 and the inaugural duo of vocalist / guitarist Marcus Ehlin (a.k.a. Matthias Ehlin), previously of A CANOROUS QUINTET, and drummer Anders Rosdahl. Later recruit was bassist Fredrick Brockett in time for an eponymous four song demo. Initially the formative line-up employed two guitarists but these unnamed individuals were dispensed with in favour of Linus Ekström as the band set about live work and recording of an October 1996 demo 'Ungentum Pharelus'. These tapes elicited strong label interest and the group duly signed with the Napalm label.

Female vocalist and violinist Lovisa Hallstedt was enlisted for the debut 'Loreia' album recordings. Promotion for this outing included a tour of Germany partnered with French band FORBIDDEN SITE and Germany's MENHIR. Meantime, Ehlin would gain backing vocal credits for the track 'Witches Spell' included on IN AETERNUM's debut EP 'When Darkness Came'.

A second album, 'GrimJaur', was laid down in early 1998 and SIEBENBÜRGEN once more set out on a tour of Europe, this time allied with Germans ATANATOS and Norwegian band RAGNAROK. With Hallstedt bowing out the group enrolled former LEFT HAND SOLUTION singer Kicki Höjertz as replacement and launched into another round of mainland European gigs in alliance with Norwegian acts TRISTANIA, TRAIL OF TEARS, THE SINS OF THY BELOVED and German band ANTICHRISIS. With these shows wrapped up SIEBENBÜRGEN took themselves into the recording studio to craft their third opus 'Delictum'.

During December of 1999 Marcus Ehlin opted to concentrate solely on vocals and Richard Bryngelsson was inducted to cover the guitar vacancy. A fourth album, 'Plagued Be Thy Angel', was completed but then SIEBENBÜRGEN parted ways with guitarist Linus Ekström and vocalist Kicki Höijertz during November of 2001. Replacements were found in the shape of Fredrik Folkare and Turid Walderhaug, respectively. The band issued the 'Plagued Be Thy Angel' album through Napalm Records on 3rd December.

During November of 2002 SIEBENBÜRGEN vocalist Turid Walderhaug made an exit, necessitating the quick induction of Erika to take the position for a gig in Gunzendorf on the 22nd of that month. Bassist Fredrik Brockert bowed out in January of 2003. SIEBENBÜRGEN undertook their inaugural tour of Mexico that April.

In 2004 Marcus Ehlin contributed guest vocals to the FINNUGOR album 'Darkness Needs Us'. That December SIEBENBÜRGEN severed ties with guitarist Fredrik Folkare due to "irreconcilable differences". Ehlin duly took up guitar duties once again to cover. Meantime, another ex-guitarist, Linus Ekström, joined the ranks of PANDEMONIC.

Early 2006 saw the demise of the band, with an official statement announcing "On the 1st of February 2006 we had a band meeting and came to the conclusion that we have to bury SIEBENBÜRGEN". Former band members Marcus Ehlin and Richard Bryngelsson forged GRAND ILLUSION.

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