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SWEDEN, Stockholm

Date Formed 1995

Categories: Death Metal


Ultraspeed Stockholm Death Metal act SOILS OF FATE date back to 1995 and the union of vocalist / bassist Henke Crantz and guitarist Mange Lindvall. This duo issued the 1997 demo 'Pain...Has A Face' before adding second guitarist Henrik 'Trevor' Kolbjer.

This newest recruit lasted a year before bailing out. SOILS OF FATE, finally with a drummer named Jocke, issued a three track promotional CD entitled 'Blood Serology' on their own Empty Veins Music imprint. Upon the release of the debut album 'Sandstorm' Jocke too made his exit. In 1998 an ex-SOILS OF FATE drummer Nicke Karlsson united with the former AD INFINITUM pairing of guitarist Micke Jakobsson and bassist Janne De Sade to found PANDEMONIC. Both Karlsson and Kolbjer joined SORG in 1999, although the drummer's tenure lasted only a matter of weeks.

The 2003 SOILS OF FATE album 'Crime Syndicate', which included a cover version of SUFFOCATION's 'Devoid Of Truth', saw drum duties delegated to Kevin Talley of DYING FETUS, SUFFOCATION and MISERY INDEX repute with DEVOURMENT's Ruben Rosas aiding on backing vocals.

Fredrik Widigs joined CARNALIZED in September 2008.

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