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SWEDEN, Uddevalla

Categories: Black Metal


Uddevalla Black Metal formation BESTIAL MOCKERY was founded in 1995 with an initial line-up of ex-PSYCOMANTUM vocalist Master Motorsåg (a.k.a. Johan Sahlin), CONSPIRACY, PSYCOMANTUM and KAROSS guitarist Micke 'Doomanfanger' Petersson, bass player Jocke Christcrusher and drummer Carl Warslaughter. This quartet announced they had formed the band in order to "channel perverted lusts for Satanic bloody Metal". The departure of Christcrusher upfront of the 1996 'Battle' demo would signal the start of continual problems in the bass department.

Anti-Fred-Rik took the four string position for just three gigs and for the 'Possessed By Erection' demo session the band welcomed in Sodomizer. By early 1998 Sir Torment held the bass mantle as BESTIAL MOCKERY undertook further demo sessions billed as 'Chainsaw Demons Return'. New recordings, billed as 'War, The Final Solution', were given a commercial release in cassette format and a split 7" single 'Live Is Violence' with Canadians LUST also surfaced. Sir Torment too would depart, Rob Devilpig of ZYCLONE SYSTEM plugging the bass position in December of 1999.

'War, The Final Solution' was given a CD release and BESTIAL MOCKERY participated in a further split 7" 'Nuclear Goat', this time with SUICIDAL WINDS which encountered immediate distribution problems due to its depiction of Adolf Hitler as the cover artwork. The German Sombre label added to their discography with the August 2001 'Chainsaw Execution' album after which KAROSS guitarist Ted Bundy was added as second guitarist. BESTIAL MOCKERY also issued the four track EP 'A Sign Of Satanic Victory' through Warlord Records and 'Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw' via Metal Blood Music.

During October 2002 BESTIAL MOCKERY hooked up with fellow Swedes GRIEF OF EMERALD together with OBTEST, SKYFORGER and SEAR BLISS for a run of European dates dubbed aptly enough the 'Christ Crushing' tour. In outside activity, Warslaughter also drummed for SONS OF SATAN and acted as lead vocalist for KILL. Motorsag has guested for both NECROCULT and OBLITARISK TORTYR. Micke Petersson sessioned on studio tracks for MODORRA in 2005.

BESTIAL MOCKERY returned in January 2006 with the 'Gospels Of The Insane' album on Osmose Productions. A limited edition vinyl run, of 500 copies, added a bonus track 'Sledgehammer Sacrifice'.

BESTIAL MOCKERY appeared to signal their end on August 27th 2006 issuing a statement apparently relating the death of Rob Devilpig. "After the departure from Hell's Metal Festival in Germany, the Bestiak crew went to Sweden Rock Festival, where Bundy and Devilpig ended up in a fight. Due to Devilpig's high alcohol consummation, he ended up in a coma after the fight and two days later he was confirmed as dead and the doctors pulled the plug!"

However, in earlt September a further message read "BESTIAL MOCKERY is back from beyond the grave!...After extensive nocturnal rites under the harvest fullmoon with the guidance of the Aghori Kharma men's of the east, those graveyard dwellers and in utter necromancy of the forbidden black art Devilpig's alcohol-soaked corpse have been resurrected."

In January 2007 the group announced they were to participate on a four-way split CD in collaboration with US outfit SATHANAS, Virginia's CRUCIFER, and Poland's THRONEUM through Time Before Time Records.

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