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Date Formed 2001

Categories: Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal


Melodic Death Metal combo ZONARIA, established in Umeå, Northern Sweden during 2001 under the title SEAL PRECIOUS and fronted by a fourteen year old singer Simon Berglund, previously of ORUKU SAKI. Guitarist Emil Nyström has association with NUQUERNA. The early formation underwent a series of membership shuffles, at various stages including vocalist Mikael Hammarberg, bassists Christoffer Wikström and Karl Flodin, drummers Simon Carlén, Niklas Lindroth and Claes-Göran Nydahl plus keyboard players Johan Aronsson and INVADER's Gustav Svensson. Stabilising, ZONARIA pulled in ex-ACRIDIAN drummer Emanuel 'Cebbe' Isaksson.

ZONARIA issued a May 2005 demo 'Evolution Overdose'. Bassist Karl Flodin would be replaced by Jerry Ekman. ZONARIA acted as support to IMPALED NAZARENE's April 2006 European tour. ZONARIA signed to Swedmetal Records in October for an album billed 'Rendered In Vain'. The album was recorded at Black Lounge Studios and featured Christian Älvestam, of UNMOORED, SCAR SYMMETRY, TORCHBEARER, SOLAR DAWN, INCAPACITY and ANGEL BLAKE, donating guest vocals to the track 'Attending Annihilation'.

In mid November 2006 ZONARIA contracted a new deal with Pivotal Rockordings before entering Black Lodge Studios on November 20th with producer Per Nilsson. The album sessions were completed mid December.

'The Cancer Empire' saw release through Century Media in October 2008.

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