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Side project act of ABRUPTUM and OPHTALAMIA mentor It (a.k.a. Tony Särkää). Vocals are contributed by erstwhile ABRUPTUM and present OPTHALAMIA vocalist All. The album title of the January 1996 outing 'Stridsyfirlysing' is Icelandic for 'Declaration Of War'. VONDUR's artwork strangely featured the Star Wars film character Darth Vader in an effort to convince listeners that the band were allied to the dark force.

Both It and All were to collaborate with HYPOCRISY men Peter Tägtgren and Mikael Hedlund together with ex-DARK FUNERAL guitarist Blackmoon to forge the one off 'Chaos Metal' project WAR in 1998.

1998 also saw a return for VONDUR with 'The Galactic Rock n' Roll Empire' album. The cover artwork sported a photograph of MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars touched up with corpse paint! Musically the record included a bizarre cover version of ELVIS PRESLEY's 'Love Me Tender' and JUDAS PRIEST's 'Rocka Rolla'.

Särkää would also activate a new Thrash / trad Rock venture entitled 8THSIN during 2004, signing to Black Lodge Records.

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