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Date Formed 1987

Categories: Black Metal


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ALASTIS, revelling in Black imbued Dark Metal, has had a turbulent history since their inception in Sion, Valais during 1987 with vocalist Zumof, bassist Masmiseîm (a.k.a. Christophe Mermod), guitarist War D. and drummer Acronoise (a.k.a. Laurent Mermod). The band was originally titled CRY WAR until 1988 when the 'Black Wedding' demo saw a transition to ALASTIS.

ALASTIS released two demos prior to Masmiseîm 's departure in 1990 to SAMAEL shortly followed by the departure of Zumof. Endeavouring to keep the ALASTIS spirit alive War. D took over lead vocals for the 1992 album 'The Just Law', issued by the Norwegian underground label Head Not Found, before losing bassist Eric.

A new four stringer was found in ex-MISERY man Didier Rotten in 1993. Switching to the French Adipocere label a sophomore outing arrived during 1995 entitled '...And Death Smiled'. The band added erstwhile OFFERING guitarist Nick in 1995 for their first tour as support to ANATHEMA. Further shows saw ALASTIS on a European package billing with THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and SAVIOUR MACHINE.

ALASTIS then made the move to the large German concern Nuclear Blast for 1997's 'The Other Side' prior to jumping to the Century Media label. For the 1998 album 'Revenge' bass was now in the hands of Raff, ALASTIS also having drafted a keyboard player Graven X. Drummer Sebastian joined ALASTIS in May of 2000 for the Terje Refnes produced 'Unity' offering.

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