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Date Formed 1983

Categories: Thrash Metal


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Zurich Metal band CORONER achieved European success with a distinct brand of experimental avant-garde Metal in the tradition of CELTIC FROST developing into post-Thrash executed to the finest precision of detail in true Swiss style. In the first stages of their career the band hardly toured, adding to the mystique. CORONER formed in 1984 as an Alpine trio comprising vocalist / bassist Ron Royce (a.k.a. Ron Broder), guitarist Oliver Amberg, later to join CELTIC FROST, and drummer Marquis Marky (Markus Edelmann). The line-up shifted shape with Amberg's departure and the recruitment of replacement Tommy T. Baron (Thomas Vetterli).

Tom Warrior, mainstay of CELTIC FROST, contributed both vocals and lyrics to CORONER's first October 1985 demo, 'Death Cult'. Only 250 hand-numbered copies were manufactured, prominently displaying Warrior's credits on the front cover. Guitarist Tommy T. Baron and drummer Marquis Marky then joined CELTIC FROST's American 'Tragic Serenades' tour as road crew. From then on CORONER were continually blighted by comparisons to CELTIC FROST, not helped by Noise Records, CELTIC FROST's label, signing the Swiss trio for good measure, this association never allowing the act to be truly judged in its own right.

CORONER's first album, 'R.I.P.' production for which was overseen by Harris Johns at Music Lab studios in Berlin In March 1987, received good reviews and went on to sell over 50,000 units in Europe. The distinct lack of gigs was more by circumstance than planning. A proposed European tour supporting Billy Milano's M.O.D. was cancelled by the headliners when protesters threatened to sabotage the tour.

The second album, 'Punishment For Decadence', was produced by Guy Bidmead and emerged a year after CORONER's 1987 debut, featuring a cover of the JIMI HENDRIX classic 'Purple Haze'. Once more the band were unable to tour properly to promote the album, with a planned American jaunt with SABBAT and RAGE being cancelled at the last minute and British dates postponed when the band were incarcerated by British customs for lack of work permits. CORONER did, however, manage to snatch a few support shows to SACRED REICH later in the year.

1989 brought CORONER's third album, 'No More Colour', produced by Pete Hinton and it would be in support of this release that the band finally CORONER toured Europe in 1990 with strong support from cult Texans WATCHTOWER.

In January 1992 Noise issued 'Mental Vortex', this set again closing out with an ambitious cover rendition, this time THE BEATLES 'I Want You (She's So Heavy)'. The record had been crafted the previous summer at Berlin's Sky Trax Studios with production being delegated to Tom Morris, with a final mix conducted at Morrisound in Tampa, Florida.

The group's final effort, the contractual 'Grin', self-produced at Greenwood Studios in Switzerland and seeing MEKONG DELTA's Peter Haas on drums, arrived in September 1993. That year CORONER supported Canadians ANNIHILATOR on a British tour and, although still utilizing the services of Mark and Royce, CORONER had by 1995, to all intents and purposes, become a solo vehicle for Baron. CORONER bowed out with a farewell European tour in January and February 1996, giving concert going fans a keepsake with a free cassette entitled 'The Unknown unreleased tracks (1985-1995)'. Baron, now using his real name of Tommy Vetterli, forged the short-lived CLOCKWORK with Peter Haas, conducted touring with French Pop singer Stephen Eicher then would team up with German Thrash pioneers KREATOR in the late 90s. Marquis Marky briefly worked with DWELL.

Marquis Marky turned up again in 1999 as part of Thomas Fischer's APOLLYON SUN. Fortunately he had reverted to his real name of Markus Edelmann. In 2004 Tommy Vetterli acted as producer for PURE INC.'s debut album. In June of the following year the three CORONER musicians apparently met with a view to discuss a proposed band reunion, but opted not to pursue the idea.

In 2006 two American metal bands, Pennsylvania's PHARAOH and CANVAS SOLARIS recorded tracks for a unique split 7" single release in tribute to CORONER. CANVAS SOLARIS offered its version of the the instrumental 'Arc-Lite' while PHARAOH contributed 'Tunnel Of Pain'.

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