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Birmingham based industrial Metal band GODFLESH formed in 1988 as a duo of ex-HEAD OF DAVID guitarist Justin Broadrick and ex FALL OF BECAUSE bassist Christian Green (a.k.a. Ben Green). The antecedent FALL OF BECAUSE, titled after the KILLING JOKE song 'The Fall Of Because', came into being during 1983. The 1986 demo 'Extirpate' featured a swathe of tracks subsequently re-worked under the GODFLESH banner.

The debut GODFLESH album featured additional guitars by another erstwhile FALL OF BECAUSE member Paul Neville on side two. Noted for their onstage use of a drum machine the band nevertheless briefly employed ex-NAPALM DEATH drummer and SCORN mentor Micky Harris for some dates. Toured America as part of Earache Records 'Grindcrusher' American tour.

In 1991 Broadrick issued a side project album with GOD's Kevin Martin going under the title TECHNO-ANIMAL. During 1992 ex-LOOP guitarist Robert Hampson replaced Paul Neville who had left to concentrate full time on his project CABEL REGIME. However, Hampson was to leave amidst a European tour relegating GODFLESH back to a duo. Following live work Broadrick concentrated on guitar parts on labelmates SCORN's 'Vae Solis'album.

The 1994 GODFLESH single 'Merciless' was in fact a rejuvenated FALL OF BECAUSE track some nine years old. Broadrick remixed two PANTERA tracks 'Walk' and 'Fucking Hostile'. GODFLESH opened for DANZIG and TYPE O NEGATIVE in America during 1994 adding session drummer Brain to augment their live sound. The 1996 album 'Songs Of Love And Hate' would be swiftly followed up by a revamped version of the same, built up of dub mixes, remixes and alternate versions billed as 'Love And Hate In Dub'.

Broadrick created THRONES in 2000 in collaboration with THE MELVINS and EARTH man Joe Preston. GODFLESH themselves would contribute a typically left field version of 'For Those About To Rock' to the 2000 AC/DC tribute album 'Back In Black'.

The band manoevered over to the Music For Nations label for the 2001 release 'Hymns'. GODFLESH toured Britain as support to FEAR FACTORY before appearing on a package billing with KILL II THIS and DEVIN TOWNSEND during December 2001. However, in early 2002 it was revealed that Broadrick had apparently suffered a nervous breakdown and in April the band announced they were to fold. In early 2003 Broadrick revealed his new JESU band project as incorporating guitarist Paul Neville, bass player Demot Dalton and Ted Parsons on drums. A GODFLESH tribute album was published by French label Nihilistic Holocaust in 2003, a double disc set seeing homages from acts such as INFECTION CODE, DIABOLUS EX MACHINA, PROPHELATION, CTHUWULF, WEEPING BIRTH, KILL THE THRILL, BEGOTTEN, THRALLDOM, BEHOLD THE LIVING CORPSE, FUCK THE FACTS, Poland's ANTIGAMA, Russia's GRENOUER and France's BLUT AUS NORD. Renowned Californian Industrial Metal band FEAR FACTORY tracked a cover version of 'Anthem' for their 2005 album 'Transgressions'.

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