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Brighton solo progressive Black Metal concern of THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL veteran James Fogarty (a.k.a. 'Jaldaboath' or 'Mr. Fog'). EWIGKEIT (German for 'Eternity' and pronounced 'Ay-vish-kite'), debuted with the 1994 demo 'Faery Lands Forlorn', a 1995 session 'Beyond Realms Unknown', 1996's 'Dwellers On The Threshold' then a brace of low key albums, 1998's 'Battle Furies' and 1999's 'Starscape', on the short-lived Eldethorn subsidiary of Newcastle's Neat Records. EWIGKEIT signed to the Earache label in early 2004 for the 'Radio Ixtlan' album.

Fogarty would also be operational as a member of ex-KLF man Jimmy Cauty's project BLACKSMOKE. EWIGKEIT returned in 2005 with the 'Conspiritus' album.

In 2006 EWIGKEIT re-recorded the tracks 'Land Of Fog', 'Tired Face' and 'Super Sonic Blue Thunder' for a free download EP entitled 'Return To The Land Of The Fog'. Severing ties with Earache Records, in December 2006 Fogarty announced all future EWIGKEIT product was to be issued through Death To Music Productions.

Fogerty revealed he was closing down activities with EWIGKEIT in March 2007, stating "It is almost 10 years to the day when I started to record the first EWIGKEIT album. Since then, I have experimented as much as is possible within the confines of metal and all its sub-genres (black, death, stoner, electronic, ambient). I must now venture beyond those restrictive boundaries — so therefore I must say that this is the end of a chapter, and the good ship EWIGKEIT must be 'scuttled' in order to make way for a new and improved vessel which will be a collaborative effort with a nuclear drive."

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