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A joint Anglo / American, stripped down, in-your-face Metal act, FIGHT was created by JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Rob Halford, a man whose vocal prowess is almost legendary. Wishing to pursue a radical change of direction from the more classic, technical of JUDAS PRIEST, Halford bowed out after 1991's hugely successful 'Painkiller' world tour. Longstanding JUDAS PRIEST fans were somewhat bemused by a shift in his traditional leather and studs image to one that clearly mimicked PANTERA's vocalist Phil Anselmo.

On March 3rd 1992 Halford took the opportunity to join PANTERA onstage at Irvine Meadows in California where they performed JUDAS PRIEST tracks 'Grinder' and 'Metal Gods'. This in turn led to the two parties collaborating on a Halford composed song 'Light Comes Out Of Black'. Recorded in Dallas, the track saw inclusion on the movie soundtrack 'Buffy: The Vampire Slayer' in July.

Although the vocalist had the blessing of JUDAS PRIEST for this out of the blue project, a bitter verbal conflict ensued. As the accusations and counter-accusations flew, Halford's twenty year tenure abruptly came to and end as he formed FIGHT, taking JUDAS PRIEST drummer Scott Travis with him. Recruited into the band would be the CYANIDE pairing of guitarist Brian Tilse and bass player Jay Jay (a.k.a. John Brown), with Guitar Institute of Technology graduate Russ Parrish of WAR AND PEACE making the numbers up on second guitar. Jay Jay, also dividing his energies with another act billed SATANIC INDUSTRIES LTD., had actually met Rob in his capacity has a tattooist at HTC Precision Piercing in Phoenix, inking many of Halford's rapidly growing array of body designs. This formation cut demos at Vintage Sound Studio in Phoenix, scoring a deal with Epic Records, then debuted live in Halford's hometown at the Mason Jar in Phoenix, Arizona in August 1993.

The eagerly awaited debut album, September 1993's 'War Of Words', was light years removed from JUDAS PRIEST, Halford toning down his vocal range, down tuning the guitars and opting for much simpler songs. These tracks had been laid down at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Holland with production credits shared between Halford and Attie Bauw. Many critics panned the release as a lame PANTERA copy but in the main Halford managed to take many former fans with him. Halford's reputation put 'War Of Words' into the US charts at number 83 whilst Attie Bauw received a pair of esteemed Grammy nominations for "Producer of the Year" and "Best Engineered Album".

Touring was instigated in Frankfurt, Germany on October 19th, FIGHT taking out THE ORGANIZATION as support. Live dates in England, two solitary dates at Nottingham Rock City and London's Astoria 2, were marred by paltry attendance figures with many JUDAS PRIEST fans feeling almost betrayed by Halford's endeavours. The vocalist reacted by issuing vitriolic statements about the British media. In the States Halford enjoyed better response and, engaging in an exhaustive series of club headliners with guests CATHEDRAL, openong up on November 11th at thThe Chance in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The 'Nailed To The Road' tour, packaged with VOIVOD, reconvened at Sunset Strip in Orlando, Florida on January 6th. Shows in March witnessed displays of FIGHT aggression in Japan, Australia and South America. Russ Parrish decamped to join RACER X vocalist Jeff Martin and guitarist PAUL GILBERT in a Glam covers band entitled THE ELECTRIC FENCE. Halford drafted Tucson native Robby Lochner, from Los Angeles act RAZOR, as replacement for tour work. The revised formation debuted as touring partners to ANTHRAX US shows in April. In July the group was invited to join METALLICA and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES for a run of 'Summer Shit' dates. On August 21st, at the Bicentennial Park in Miami, Florida METALLICA bade farewell to their FIGHT running mates by getting Halford onstage during their set to jam through JUDAS PRIEST's 'Rapid Fire'. However, with dates completed, Lochner moved on to a solo career.

The interim January 1994 'Mutations' mini-album comprised remixes and live tracks, including a raucous rendition of JUDAS PRIEST's 'Freewheel Burning'. Halford was also busying himself outside of FIGHT with his E.M.A.S. management organization. Taking on Australian Thrashers ALLEGIANCE Halford secured a deal for the young act with major label Polygram for their 'D.E.S.T.I.T.U.T.I.O.N.' album. As 1994 came to a close Halford forged a one off studio union billed as the BULLRING BRUMMIES, a heavyweight unit comprising the BLACK SABBATH rhythm section of bassist Geezer Butler and drummer BILL WARD, Wino of THE OBSESSED and harmonica player Jimmy Wood to cut a version of BLACK SABBATH's 'The Wizard' for the 'Nativity In Black' tribute album. FIGHT rounded out 1994 with a one off radio promotion single 'Christmas Ride', a unique, seasonal track which included festive greetings from Rob.

April 1995's 'A Small Deadly Space', which debuted at a lowly 120 in the USA, found former COUP DE GRACE man Mark Chaussee in the group as new second guitarist. FIGHT had once again opted to work with producer Attie Bauw for this effort, which closed out with a hidden track 'Psycho Suicide'. Previous to the album release, on March 12th, Halford participated in the LIFEbeat benefit concert at the Los Angeles Palladium, performing JUDAS PRIEST's 'Rapid Fire' and 'Solar Angels' with ANTHRAX.

FIGHT projected a full-scale global campaign to push 'A Small Deadly Space'. The inaugural date was held at the 'La Semana Alegre' festival at Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas supporting BUDGIE. Headline North American club shows ran through June and July. The remaining dates scheduled for the Far East, Europe and the UK were scrapped. Tilse and Jay Jay activated a fresh band unit dubbed VENT, an alliance with STUCK MOJO's Tim Radswell and drummer Don Juan.

FIGHT's days were numbered. After a brief flirtation working with BLACK SABBATH guitarist TONY IOMMI during 1996, the singer formed a new band under the title of HALFORD. This act initially comprised two FIGHT personnel, Brian Tilse and Jay Jay. Together with VENT drummer Don Juan the band delivered a one off show at the Phoenix Mason Jar on December 20th as a benefit for the city's Child Crisis Center's 'Children Of The Desert' charity.

Halford then embarked upon a truly radical path. The act re-titled itself GIMP then TWO, emerging with a Trent Reznor of NINE INCH NAILS produced Industrial Rock album 'Voyeurs' that, it is true to say, left many of Halford's fans scratching their heads in bemusement. Even more so when the man seemingly denounced Metal as dead and buried.

Chaussee joined DANZIG in 1996 but bailed out just prior to their world tour and would have a brief liaison with the post LIFE OF AGONY band STEREOMUD. By 2000 Parrish was a member of the acclaimed spoof covers band METAL SHOP along with former L.A. GUNS man Ralph Saenz. Parrish would also double duties with Alternative Rockers THE DUCKS. Reverting to his career as a tattooist, Jay Jay scored a degree of notoriety by adding to his list of famous clientele, inking SLAYER's Kerry King.

Much to the relief of his long suffering fans, now simply billed as HALFORD, resurrected his career in spectacular during 2000 with the suitably titled 'Resurrection' album, a quite remarkable statement of Metal intent that charted internationally. HALFORD, signing up to IRON MAIDEN manager Rod Smallwood's firm for management and label, saw his profile rise sharply with a subsequent special guest slot to IRON MAIDEN's American dates.

In January 2004 former FIGHT members Brian Tilse and J.J. joined LOLLIPOP LUST KILL, this band unit subsequently adopting a revised title of GLASS PIPE SUICIDE. October of that year saw Mark Chaussee joining the MARILYN MANSON band. In December, whilst in promotion for the JUDAS PRIEST comeback album 'Angel Of Retribution', Halford voiced the possibility of a live FIGHT DVD package and the prospect of FIGHT reuniting to record new material.

São José dos Campos Heavy Metal band THRAM featured a cover version of FIGHT's 'Into The Pit' on their 2006 album 'Pictures Of Reality'. On June 1st 2006 Rob Halford announced the formation of the Metal God Entertainment label to re-issue his HALFORD and FIGHT material, this including DVD concert footage of FIGHT. That October Metal God Entertainment unveiled plans for the 5.1 surround-sound film DVD 'Fight, War Of Words - The Film', comprising footage filmed throughout 1992 and 1993. In November the archive set 'K5 The War Of Words Demos' saw release.

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