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FOREFATHER is an "Angolo Saxon heathen Metal" outfit forged by Leatherhead based brothers Athelstan and Wolfstan. Session drums are from Tiowulf. Releases are through the band's own Angelisc label although in Germany the 'Legends Untold' album would see a release through the Millennium Metal Music concern adding an extra five bonus demo tracks.

FOREFATHER released the 'Engla Tocyme' ("The Coming Of The English") during March of 2002. The following year FOREFATHER signed a worldwide deal with Holland's Karmageddon Media for a fourth album 'Ours Is The Kingdom', recorded at The Croft Recording Studio in England. In mid 2004 the band recorded a version of BURZUM's 'Beholding The Daughters Of The Firmament' for a tribute album released by Perverted Taste.

Early 2004 saw the formation of the FOLKEARTH project, the album 'A Nordic Poem' being a collaborative endeavour between Athelstan and Wulfstan with a swathe of Swedish musicians. Notably contributing vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards would be Magnus Wohlfart, a scene veteran of such acts as NAE'BLIS, YGGDRASIL, BROKEN DAGGER, TRYMHEIM and VÄRLDENS STȪRSTA TRÄD. Other participants included RAVENCLAW's vocalist Ruslanas Danisevskis and keyboard player Alex Wieser, the TRYMHEIM and BROKEN DAGGER pairing of William Ekeberg and Jonas Fröberg supplying vocals, violin and cello, Chrigel Glanzmann from ELUVEITIE on tin whistle and uilleann pipes with Jeremy Child, of BROKEN DAGGER, VÄRLDENS STȪRSTA TRÄD and YGGDRASIL, on drums.

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