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Stoke Newington based Dark Punk Rock act NEMHAIN, announced in March 2006, involved the CRADLE OF FILTH, NEEDLEYE and AT THE GATES credited drummer Adrian Erlandsson and his wife, fetish model Morrigan Hel (a.k.a. Amber England). The band would also comprise guitarists Liv Fast and Cherry Forever (Rachel Irving) plus bassist Da Witch (Lisa Dickinson). A line-up change saw Liv Fast replaced by Sam Hain (Sam Astley).

The group debuted live on August 27th at Bar Monsta in London, during which they performed a cover version of THE DISTILLERS ' Hall Of Mirrors'. NEMHAIN entered a studio in Eastbourne to cut a four track demo, comprising tracks 'Ana', 'Honey', 'Speed Queen' and 'Heroin Child', on October 2nd. The following month the band shot a promotional video for the track 'Ana' directed by Amy Akkonite.

Ending a long period of speculation, CRADLE OF FILTH officially confirmed the departure of Adrian Erlandsson in mid November, stating in a press release "Erlandsson has found that his two side projects NEEDLEYE and NEMHAIN are taking up more and more of his time." NEMHAIN entered the studio on January 15th 2007 with producers Greg Brimson and Russ Russell to record a new song, entitled 'Dirty Weekend'. Erlandsson then sessioned drums on Jönköping Doom edged Death Metal act NETHERBIRD's EP 'Lighthouse Eternal (Laterna Magika)'.

The February 2009 album 'From The Ashes' was recorded and mixed over a three week period in April 2008 at Studio Fredman in Hyssna, Sweden.

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