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Welsh gore mongers of repute. This extreme Newport based act opened proceedings with the gory 'Mangled Remains' demo of 1992. DESECRATION's 1995 debut album 'Gore And Perversion's cover artwork was so extreme the record remained without a label for a lengthy period. Eventually the Arctic Serenades label felt brave enough to sign the act only to have the first pressing seized by the police under the obscene publications act. The album eventually surfaced but mastered from a cassette the police had missed in their raid on frontman Ollie Jones's house.

Without a drummer, vocalist Ollie took up the role for second album 'Murder In Mind', released by Copro Records. The 1998 formation of the band saw Ollie Jones joined by guitarists Glenn Thomas and Paul Arlett with John Wagenaar on bass. DESECRATION toured the UK supporting CANNIBAL CORPSE, IMMORTAL and THUS DEFILED prior to European dates with VADER and MORTICIAN.

The third album, 2000's 'Inhuman', was produced by Dave Chang. A swathe of US dates in December that year found the band supporting veteran Deathsters MONSTROSITY. DESECRATION would re-record their notorious debut 'Gore And Perversion' in November of 2002 with a line-up of Ollie Jones on vocals and guitar, Pete Davies on bass and Michael Hourihan of STORMCROW and PARRICIDE repute on the drums. The Martin Barbour produced re-work surfaced through Copro Records in April of 2003, this revised version re-dubbed 'Gore And PerVersion2'.

DESECRATION united with Birmingham's ENDLESS TORMENT for UK gigs in June of 2004. That same year Michael Hourihan joined up with the reformed Glam band TIGERTAILZ. He would also man the drums with EXTREME NOISE TERROR.

In July 2005 the band put in an appearance at the 'Dungeonfest 555' festival at The Royal Park Cellars in Leeds. Gigs across Europe in November saw the band supporting Sweden's VOMITORY. UK headline dates in March 2007 saw support from SEVERE TORTURE and EVILE. Valuable media exposure came the band's way when Ollie Jones was selected to appear in the BBC 3 reality television show 'Singing With The Enemy'.

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