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A notorious and uncompromising force on the Rock scene. ROCKBITCH's overtly in your face approach to sexual freedom eventually saw the group succumbing to the pressures from the powers that be. The combination of nakedness, genuine live sex acts, lesbian posturing, upturned pentagrams and even the 'servicing' of lucky fans that managed to grab the golden condom award at gigs proved to much for local government organisations. Gigs in the UK were often pulled at the last minute, a ploy used by councils to hit the band's finances. Surprisingly some concerts did take place, despite such restrictions as delivered by Bradford council, which specified any dildo insertion must be to the user's own orifices! With tours cancelled and records withdrawn from sale ROCKBITCH floundered. In their time ROCKBITCH, taken by many as a gimmick initially, surprised many with the undoubted musical quality of their 1999 'Motor Driven Bimbo' album.

Although British in origin the septet, found by bass guitarist Amanda The Bitch, located themselves at an infamous Pagan commune in France. Lead vocals came courtesy of the Gibraltar born Julie whose onstage persona manifested itself as a blue pain daubed and topless Celtic warrior. Originally the band, at first entitled RED ABYSS, was to include the sole male inclusion of guitarist Beast but he would subsequently relinquish his onstage position for a behind the scenes role.

The band debuted with a live album and video in 1997. Promoting the 'Motor Driven Bimbo' album on the live circuit saw local authorities, police and councils clamping down hard. ROCKBITCH was scheduled to perform at the Dutch Eindhoven festival but would be denied this opportunity by the town's mayor. Gigs planned for Norway, Sweden and Canada were curtailed and German dates had restrictions placed upon show content. A British tour, after a gig at the Leicester Princess Charlotte, was whittled down to just two gigs as venues folded under police pressure. Unable to financially sustain themselves for two show the band returned to their commune.

Beast performed his last gig with ROCKBITCH in Stockholm during April of 2000. Initially Luci, although trained in classical guitar, had been granted the non musical role of "stage slut" but would later take up rhythm guitar for a proposed third album 'The Kali Yurga'. This effort never materialised. ROCKBITCH instead released the 'Sex, Death, Magick' video in 2001, even managing UK gigs to round out the year.

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