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A sophisticated, Christian Heavy Metal band, HOLY BLOOD started out in 1999 as a Hardcore influenced trio comprising vocalist / guitarist Fedor Buzilevich, bassist Mihail Rodionov and Dmitry Titorenko on the drums. Switching to a Death / Grind direction the following year the band drew in new recruits in the form of ex-REVIVAL guitarist Alexei Furman, erstwhile MARANTHA bass player Eugen Cesarev and Vera Knyazeva, these changes resulting in Rodionov adopting the rhythm guitar position. In August of 2001 Knyazeva and Buzilevich were married.

HOLY BLOOD's first recordings came in 2002 entitled 'Wanderer'. That Summer witnessed the exit of Furman, his place being taken by another MARANTHA veteran Artyom Stupak. The group then opted to pursue a new tack of blending Folk and Black Metal Former CELESTIAL CELL man Sergei Nagorny replaced Rodionov in 2003. Further changes found Stupak opting out to prioritise his Black Metal act EVROCLYDON. HOLY BLOOD issued 'The Waves Are Dancing' through Bombworks in 2004.

In August 2008 HOLY BLOOD radically changed its line-up with all musicians except the group's mastermind Fedor Buzilevich and Vera Knyazeva exiting. The band duly enrolled new members Irina Klesh on bass and Olexander Omelchenko on drums.

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