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Date Formed 1991
Date Disbanded 1999

Categories: Doom, Stoner


Last Known Lineup

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Swansea Metallers rooted in 70's Doom with distinct hippie overtones dating from their inception in 1991, ACRIMONY debuted with the 'A Sombre Thought' demo, which gained the band a deal with Belgian label Shiver. The interest provoked by the 'Solstice Sadness' single led to a further deal with Italian label Godhead and the release of the first album, 'Hymns To The Stone', which was produced by ex-TORTOISE CORPSE member Tim Hammill. ACRIMONY subsequently toured with Scottish act IN EXTREMIS in Britain on dates dubbed 'The Celtic Invasion'.

In 1997 ACRIMONY released their second album 'Tumuli Shroomaroom', which was produced by former SABBAT man Andy Sneap at the Square Centre in Nottingham and mixed by Dave Chang. Frontman Dorrian Walters also put time into his side project HELVIS that same year, a band convened by ex-members of BIVOUAC, CONSUMED, PITCHSHIFTER and IRON MONKEY.

ACRIMONY cut two cover tracks for Peaceville Records tenth anniversary compilation album 'X' namely STATUS QUO's 'Oh Baby' and DOOM's 'Exploitation'. A 7" single, 'Motherslug (The Mother Of All Slugs)' was issued as a split effort in 1998 in alliance with IRON RAINBOW. Stuart O'Hara would co-found THE DUKES OF NOTHING, a pedigree underground unit also including former IRON MONKEY men guitarist Dean Berry and bass player Doug Dalziel alongside ex-ORANGE GOBLIN drummer Chris Turner.

ACRIMONY's final 1999 recording sessions would see release through the Game Two label in 2003, issued as part of a split album with cult Japanese act CHURCH OF MISERY, released by Game Two Records in 2003. The Leaf Hound label compiled the retrospective 'Bong On - Live Long!' collection for issue in April 2007.

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