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Date Formed 1978

Categories: Punk, Thrash Metal


AMEBIX offered up Thrash Metal with heavy doses of caustic Punk rawness. The band, led by vocalist / bassist The Baron and guitarist Stig Da Pig, formed at the tail end of 1978 originally dubbed THE BAND WITH NO NAME. One of these formative tracks, 'University Challenged', turned up on the renowned compilation album 'Bullshit Detector 1'.

A series of line up fluxs eventually saw keyboard player Norman being enrolled in 1981 as the group relocated to Bristol. Another inductee would be drummer Virus from local act DISORDER and in this incarnation AMEBIX signed to Spiderleg Records issuing three EPs. More line up changes saw AMEBIX making do as a trio for a tour of Italy before the quickfire changes in the keyboard department settled when George came in during November of 1984 for dates in Holland.

Spider Arachno Blaster took the drum mantle from Virus as AMEBIX signed to Alternative Tentacles for the 1985 album 'Arise'. Sophomore effort 'Monolith' arrived on the Wolverhampton Heavy Metal label but the band folded in late 1987. Spider, George and Stig stuck together to forge ZYGOTE with new bass man Tim Crow to cut the album 'A Wind Of Knives' in 1991. In later years Spider would be found in MUCKSPREADER. According to reports The Baron lives on the Isle of Skye manufacturing swords.

In 2002 Canadian Black Metal band MEGIDDO delivered tribute by covering 'Last Will And Testament' on a split 7” single on the German Iron Bonehead label. A live AMEBIX album, 'Make Some Fucking Noise!' recorded during 1986 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, surfaced in 2003. In 2004 Californian gore Metal band EXHUMED revealed they had included a rendition of the AMEBIX song 'The Power Remains' on their covers album entitled 'Regurgitated Requiems: Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated'.

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