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Date Formed 2006

Categories: Death Metal


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Created in September 2006 by guitarists Rob Purnell and Martyn Evans, TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED is a Grind edged Death Metal band hailing from Bath. The group signed with Metal Blade Records in June 2008.Just days after the contract was finalised the band performed at the Castle Donington 'Download' festival. However, singer Charlie Holmes exited the following month. TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED regrouped swiftly, drafting new frontman Jonny Burgan and bassist Dave Purnell. The 'Purgation' album saw release in Europe on 19th August.

TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED lent support to MESHUGGAH's September 2008 European dates. The band then undertook a further mainland Europe foray aligned with CRYPTOPSY, IGNOMINOUS and BENEATH THE MASSACRE throughout November and December.

The band supported ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY, DYING FETUS and headliners CANNIBAL CORPSE in the UK during the autumn of 2009.

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