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Date Formed 1997

Categories: Classic Rock, Folk Rock


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Although having made a significant global impact with his post DEEP PURPLE album 'Stranger In Us All' in 1996, issued under the RAINBOW banner, guitar legend RITCHIE BLACKMORE opted for a new band title for the follow up, a musical collaboration with his girlfriend Candice Night. The pair had met in unlikely circumstances when Night requested Blackmore's autograph at a DEEP PURPLE football match. The debut record also featured keyboard contributions from former HARLOW man Pat Regan.

Upon first appraisal BLACKMORE'S NIGHT, which found the guitar great opting for a medieval acoustic stance, complete with thigh high suede boots and extravagant hats to match, had some Rock media puzzling over Blackmore's decision. However, with the delivery of the music and the undoubted public enthusiasm for it, those fears evaporated. Not only had BLACKMORE'S NIGHT performed that rarest of feat by establishing a fresh musical path but by re-exploring traditional music venues such as castles and churches had also found new avenues in which to promote it.

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT conducted a world tour to back up the album release, response being particularly enthusiastic in Japan. Live drums were provided by RAINBOW and BLUE ÖYSTER CULT man John O'Reilly.

However, towards the end of 1997 stories began to emerge of a brand new RAINBOW reunion, in this instance with original vocalist Ronnie James Dio back in the fold. To date this union has not transpired. BLACKMORE'S NIGHT's second album 'Under A Violet Moon' established the guitarist's new chosen path and proved commercially successful too. The album broke the top twenty of the national German album charts and scored well in Japan too. Subsequent touring found the band shying away from the regular circuit and performing in various European castles. In New York the group performed at the Church Of St. Paul The Apostle in November of 2000.

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT signed to the German Steamhammer label for the release of the 2001 effort 'Fires At Midnight'. The rapid escalation in status of BLACKMORE'S NIGHT being confirmed when the album scored an impressive top ten placing in the national German album charts. The guitarist assembled a band that year incorporating Chris Devine on additional guitar, violin and mandolin, bassist Bob Curiano, keyboard player Carmen Giglio and the ZEBRA credited Mike Sorrentino on drums.

Candice Night would act as guest vocalist on the 2001 debut album from Argentinean Symphonic Metal band BETO VASQUEZ INFINITY. Meantime, band bassist Mike Cerfino joined YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's live band.

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT confirmed another European run of their by now celebrated castle and medieval festival dates in July of 2002. Word also leaked that the young Blackmore was to be portrayed by actor Iain Robertson in a movie entitled 'Telstar' focused on one of the guitarist's early bands THE TORNADOS. Blackmore and BLACKMORE'S NIGHT would reap further unexpected media attention when it was revealed that shuttle astronaut Kalpana Chawla had requested a CD of the band to accompany her on mission STS-107. Tragically, Chawla and her crew were all killed when the spacecraft exploded on re-entry. A double live album, 'Past Times With Good Company', surfaced in Japan during November.

The band's 2003 album 'Ghost Of A Rose' included cover versions of the JOAN BAEZ track 'Diamonds And Rust', made famous by JUDAS PRIEST, as well as JETHRO TULL's 'Rainbow's Blues'. The band only put in a relatively short world tour in support of the record, opening with two night's at Moscow's Youth Palace Theatre on 10th October. The band were awarded gold albums in the Czech Republic for the 'Fires At Midnight' and Ghost Of A Rose' albums at a special ceremony held at Cartouche in Prague. For November UK theatre dates, opening at the Buxton Opera House, the band requested fans attend in Medieval or Renaissance attire.

Late 2004 would see the issue of a compilation of the band's more ballad orientated material through SPV Records 'All Because Of You - The Romantic Collection'. July of that year saw the announcement that the erstwhile BLACKMORE'S NIGHT rhythm section of bass player Mick Cervino and drummer Mike Sorrentino had forged an all new band entitled VIOLENT STORM.

As 2005 opened BLACKMORE'S NIGHT set about North American tour dates. Gigs would be advertised as allowing the first 40 fans wearing renaissance garb free entry. Meantime, in Germany, the song 'Lorelei' was chosen as the theme for the historical television series 'Die Burg'. Blackmore reached a landmark in April, celebrating his 60th birthday. A new DVD release, entitled 'Castles And Dreams', would comprise an entire concert at Burg Veldenstein/Neuhaus, televesion appearances, promotional videos, interviews and personal home movie footage. Their renaissance lifestyle would also enter the future world of interactive family entertainment as Candice Night was cast in the the role of 'Princess Candice', one of the main characters in the 'MagiQuest' video game.

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT issued the September 2005 single 'I'll Be There (Just Call My Name)' upfront of a 2006 album 'Village Lanterne'. Candice Night notably guested on German Power Metal veterans HELLOWEEN's 2005 album 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy', featuring on the track 'Light Of The Universe'.

Blackmore participated in a world record breaker with an act of charity later that year. In response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster Canadian Rocker BRYAN ADAMS initiated the signing of a white Fender Stratocaster guitar by a host of guitar legends and Rock stars. Amongst the fellow signees would be LED ZEPPELIN's JIMMY PAGE, Angus and Malcolm Young of AC/DC, BRIAN MAY of QUEEN, TONY IOMMI of BLACK SABBATH, members of DEF LEPPARD, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards from the ROLLING STONES, ERIC CLAPTON, DAVID GILMOUR, JEFF BECK, Pete Townshend of THE WHO, Mark Knopfler, Ray Davies, Liam and Noel Gallagher of OASIS, Paul McCartney, Sting, and BRYAN ADAMS himself. Quite incredibly the instrument was auctioned in November for a staggering $1.6 million dollars, proceeds of which went to the 'Reach Out To Asia' foundation.

A welcome and surprising revelation came in December when it was announced that Ritchie Blackmore had re-forged links with his erstwhile DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW colleague, frontman JOE LYNN TURNER, cutting a duet with Candice Night on a re-work of RAINBOW's 'Street Of Dreams' for the BLACKMORE'S NIGHT album 'Village Lanterne'. Released in January 2006, Japanese versions added the bonus track 'Once In A Garden'. European dates took the band through the summer, after which BLACKMORE'S NIGHT parted ways with bassist Sir Robert of Normandy, inducting Baron St. James in his stead. A festive album, 'Winter Carols' on AFM records, was released in November, entering the US New Age charts at number 7.

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT undertook a series of UK concerts in June 2007. 'Secret Voyage', the 2008 album, entered the German Media Control chart at no. 14 and Finnish chart at no. 38. The album featured new renderings of Folk traditional songs of various countries including France, 'Gilded Cage', Russia 'Toast To Tomorrow', Germany 'Prince Waldeck's Galliard' and England 'Peasant's Promise', plus cover versions of the 1961 ELVIS PRESLEY hit 'Can't Help Falling In Love' and RAINBOW's 'Rainbow Eyes'. That September the 'Castles And Dreams' DVD was certified with gold sales status in Germany.

The group had their song 'Olde Mill Inn' featured in the Jim Carrey movie 'Yes Man' in 2009.

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