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Date Formed 1975

Categories: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Melodic Rock


Stylish, Welsh Hard Rock merchants centred upon former UNIVERSE and SKID ROW guitarist PAUL CHAPMAN. LONE STAR was originally called IONA. Prior to adopting the LONE STAR title, a formative drummer, Steve Williams, joined QUEST in 1973 before he journeyed onto premier Welsh rockers BUDGIE. In turn, QUEST bassist Ray Jones joined in 1974, the act taking on the LONE STAR tag in May 1975.

During 1975 LONE STAR debuted with a British support slot to TED NUGENT to promote the Epic released 'Lone Star' album. The group at this juncture comprised singer Kenny Driscoll, guitarists Paul 'Tonka' Chapman and Tony Smith, Canadian keyboard player Rick Worsnip, bassist Pete Hurley and drummer Dixie Lee.Valuable promotion came with a BBC Radio One 'In Concert' national broadcast from the Paris Theatre in London, as support to MOTT THE HOOPLE, produced by Roy Thomas Baker.

Driscoll was to pack his bags in 1977 and was replaced by former TRAPPER vocalist JOHN SLOMAN, who recorded the second album, 'Firing On All Six', with the group, which scored a no. 36 position on the UK charts that September. The band benefitted once more from a BBC 'In Concert' session, this time recorded at Queen Mary's College in East London. The group failed to survive though. Rehearsals and demos were put together for a proposed third album, to be titled 'Riding High', during November 1978 but the band splintered. Guitarist Paul Chapman, following rehearsals with German act the SCORPIONS, rejoined UFO replacing the errant Michael Schenker whom he had covered for previously.

Kenny Driscoll and Pete Hurley attempted a LONE STAR reformation during 1979 with guitarist Steve Jones but, following a batch of UK club gigs, this attempt soon faltered. The shelved third LONE STAR album 'Riding High' finally saw a belated release in 1999.

Sloman would, after contributing keyboards to UFO's 1979 'The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent' album, end up joining URIAH HEEP for a period. Post URIAH HEEP Sloman formed part of the short-lived BADLANDS project assembled by ex-TYGERS OF PAN TANG guitarist JOHN SYKES and ex WHITESNAKE bassist Neil Murray. BADLANDS folded when Sykes got the call to join THIN LIZZY and Sloman went solo.

Drummer Dixie Lee teamed up with WILD HORSES before joining Canadian act STARCHILD then British Metal act PERSIAN RISK. He would also sit in on demos for the proto OZZY OSBOURNE band. Chapman's guitar partner Tony Smith formed SCREEN IDOLS with whom he released one album, 'Premiere', in 1979.Driscoll hooked up with GARY MOORE for his 'Live At The Marquee' album.

In July 2006 Chapman joined the GATOR COUNTRY BAND, a seasoned collection of MOLLY HATCHET veterans vocalist Jimmy Farrar, guitarist Steve Holland, bassist Riff West and drummer Bruce Crump.

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