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Liverpool's MARSEILLE recorded two albums on Mountain Records in the late 70s and toured as support in Britain to GILLAN, WHITESNAKE, UFO and JUDAS PRIEST and showed a great deal of promise, yet fate didn't exactly deal them a kind hand. Strangely, the band's debut album, recorded in 1978, is believed to have only seen a release as a free giveaway with their 1979 album, although the track 'The French Way' scored the band some notoriety when it was used as a soundtrack for the Porn film of the same name.

The original line-up of MARSEILLE comprised of bassist Steve Dunwoodie, guitarist Neil Buchanan, drummer Keith Knowles, guitarist Andy Charter and vocalist Paul Dale. The group actually toured America supporting BLACKFOOT and NAZARETH but disaster struck when their label Mountain Records went bankrupt. MARSEILLE's gear was stuck in America and the band soon folded, with Dale quitting to form the PAUL DALE BAND and releasing a single, 'Alright On The Night', on the KaKa label in 1982.

However, the group reformed in 1982 with original members Dunwoodie, Buchanan and Knowles joined by ex MADAME guitarist Mark Hays and ex SAVAGE LUCY vocalist Sav Pearce. Later the same year the band would part company with Buchanan and Hay.

New guitarist Mark Railton, ex ROUGH JUSTICE and previously with Pearce's old act SAVAGE LUCY, came into the fold followed by second guitarist Toby Martin in 1984. The group set to work on a brand new album and the comeback release, 'Touch The Night', which was produced by ARGENT veteran John Verity, in 1984 on the Ultranoise label.

The group eventually split for good though, Pearce leaving to join Dutch band HIGHWAY CHILE in early 1985 prior to work in Los Angeles with ex BLACK SABBATH drummer BILL WARD. Following the demise of MARSEILLE ex guitarist Neil Buchanan has become a successful children's TV presenter.

In a surprise move, MARSEILLE returned to the live stage in London for a one off show after almost three decades absence. The band, vocalist Paul Dale, lead guitarist Neil Buchanan, guitarist Andy Charters, bassist Steve Dunwoodie and drummer Keith Knowles, put on the concert on Monday 1st September at the Rock Garden in Covent Garden hosted by Crick! Crack! Cronk! Promotions.

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