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Formed in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire on Candlemass 1975, North Nottinghamshire's WITCHFYNDE were at the forefront of the NWoBHM movement. As well as being an intregal part of the upsurge in British Metal encapsulated by the rise of NWoBHM WITCHFYNDE can lay a rightful claim of being one of the earliest forerunners of the Black Metal genre.

The band comprised musicians based in the town of Mansfield as vocalist Neil Harvey, guitarist Montalo, bassist Andro Coulton and drummer Gra Scoresby. Harvey would be superseded by Steve Bridges. WITCHFYNDE demoed tracks at at Fairview Studios in Hull during 1979, resulting in a signature with Round Records. The original demos were added to by fresh sessions that October to form up a full album's quota of material and they released their infamous first single 'Give 'Em Hell' in December that same year.

Promoting a debut album, released in February 1980, WITCHFYNDE supported DEF LEPPARD on tour. Having attracted a cult national following, the WITCHFYNDE logo of a smiling devil adorned many Rockers jackets, the group engaged in headline UK dates and set about cutting tracks for second album 'Stagefright'. The original line-up recorded three songs, 'Wake Up Screaming', 'Wouldn't Be Seen Dead In Heaven' and 'In The Stars', before Coulton quit over "musical differences' following a concert in Wolverhampton during July 1980. He would be replaced by Pete Surgey. Meantime, Coulton founded MALLEUS, this act subsequently evolving into SABOTAGE.

'Stagefright', featuring an uncredited Andro Coulton on three songs, emerged in 1981. Mystery surrounded the band when after the release of their second album they seemingly disappeared. They eventually emerged in 1983 with a new vocalist Luther Beltz replacing Steve Bridges. Beltz had at first gone under the rather less than sinister stage name of Chalky White. The band released another successful single 'I'd Rather Go Wild' and a concept album 'Cloak And Dagger' to back it up.

In the summer of 1984 Surgey was replaced by former PANZA DIVISION bassist Alan Edwards. There followed another lengthy abscence before their next album on yet another label, the Belgian Mausoleum concern, with "new" member Edd Wolfe, in fact Alan Edwards under a pseudonym. . The 1984 'Lords Of Sin' album, released by Belgian label Mausoleum Records, was recorded at The Yard Studios in London with producer Pete Chilton. The first 10'000 copies of 'Lords Of Sin' came with a free 4 track live EP titled 'Anthems' featuring 'Give 'Em Hell',' Cloak And Dagger', 'Moon Magic' and 'I'd Rather Go Wild'.

The band disappeared, seemingly for good in 1986. By 1995 Surgey and Beltz were found to be members of Blues covers band THE ACCELERATORS. However, the band remerged in a fashion during 1999 when press announcements were released claiming founders guitarist Montalo and drummer Gra Scoresby, together with Beltz, Montalo and Surgey were back together as WITCHFYNDE. These reports appeared to be spurious though as it emerged Beltz had been gigging with STORMWATCH having no intention to join WITCHFYNDE.

Beltz eventually founded the LUTHAR BELTZ BAND with members of STORMWATCH and pulling off the undoubted coup of, albeit briefly, roping in ex SAXON guitarist Graham Oliver. This outfit's first move was to cover a track for a low budget European DEMON tribute album.

Beltz and Montalo did eventually team up as WITCHFYNDE with STORMWATCH bassist Dave Hewitt and ex-SAVAGE and DAWNTRADER drummer Dave Lindley.

By 2000 the WITCHFYNDE story had become entangled in chaos as two bands were operating under the same name. Beltz and Hewitt were announced as playing at the German 'Wacken Open Air' festival as WITCHFYNDE as were Montalo, Scoresby and Surgey with fresh vocalist ex-REBEL and CLOWNHOUSE singer Harry Harrison, also billed as WITCHFYNDE.

The Beltz led WYTCHFYNDE (note subtle spelling difference) would issue a new album 'The Awakening' during 2001. The Harrison led WITCHFYNDE would record a new album 'The Witching Hour' during October. Beltz's band appeared to be in a state of disarray during early 2002. A new guitarist, Harris Nixon of THE CARNIVALS was inducted although later Hewitt would team up with TYRANT, the new act founded by ex-SOLSTICE guitarist Rich Walker.

The band, alongside DIAMOND HEAD, JAGUAR, PRAYING MANTIS and BRONZ would unite for the 'The 25th Anniversary of NWOBHM' concert on 4th November at the Astoria in London. Former band member ANDRO COULTON returned to the scene in October 2006 with a solo album 'Dragonhead'.

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