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Born 6th September 1944 in Great Bookham, Surrey, ROGER WATERS is known for his mentoring of Progressive Rock giants PINK FLOYD leading up to the autobiographical, and seminal, 'The Wall' opus, this landmark album being entirely composed and arranged by Waters. His formative years were coloured by the tragedy of losing his father Eric in the second world war, this event later dominating his later musical works. Since going solo Waters has struggled to match the success he found with PINK FLOYD, despite elaborate and costly stageshows and albums, but still commands legions of fans fascinated by his unique perspective on music.

With the defection of a self-confused SYD BARRETT, Waters began to take control of PINK FLOYD from the 'Saucerful Of Secrets' album, evidenced by tracks such as 'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun', inspired by a Li Ho poem. Further works established the band on the international touring circuit until the 1973 epic 'Dark Side Of The Moon', one of the biggest selling albums of all time. By the time of folow up 'Wish You Were Here' internal friction within the band was beginning to alienate Waters. Frustrations with both fellow musicians and even the PINK FLOYD audience throughout the band's 'Animals' period led to 'The Wall' concept. 'The Wall' gave PINK FLOYD their second all time classic album but the quick fire follow up, 'The Final Cut', polarised fans who either revelled in its rich lyrical content or found it uniquely depressing.

Waters next work, ''The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking', resulted in a split with PINK FLOYD. According to Waters the other musicians had been given the choice of collaboration on this endeavour but had declined.

Upon release the debut ROGER WATERS solo record was lambasted by the media internationally and did not perform well in the charts. Following the world tour to promote 'The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking', which saw Waters joined onstage by ERIC CLAPTON, Waters assembled the BLEEDING HEART BAND contributing music to the animated movie 'When The Wind Blows'. 'Radio KAOS' is another adventurous concept album concerning itself with radio revolution and the threat of nuclear war. Bravely, Waters took the 'Radio KAOS' concept out onto the road, including non album tracks 'Molly's Song' and 'Going To Live In L.A.', but would be eclipsed by PINK FLOYD's enormous international arena tour.

Waters resurrected PINK FLOYD's 'The Wall' project for an enormous TV broadcast gig in Berlin to benefit the Leonard Cheshire 'Memorial Fund For Disaster Relief', resulting in the 1990 album. An all star cast was assembled in front of 300,000 fans for the event including German Hard Rock veterans the SCORPIONS, Paul Carrack of MIKE AND THE MECHANICS, SINNEAD O'CONNOR, VAN MORRISON and BRYAN ADAMS.

In 1991 Roger was invited to perform at Seville's Guitar Expo. The next album, 'Amused To Death', would generate accolade from loyal fans but little in the way of industry recognition and no tour work was done to promote it. Waters duly buried himself in an Opera project based on the French revolution billed 'Ca Ira'.

Waters returned to live work in North America in 1999 with the highly successful 'In The Flesh' tour. These shows, which featured a brand new song 'Each Small Candle', wound up as the December 2000 'In The Flesh' live album. Joining him in the venture would be guitarists SNOWY WHITE, Andy Fairweather Low. And Doyle Barmhall II, keyboard player Jon Carin and Andy Wallace with Graham Broad on the drums. Waters spent a full five months on the road during 2002, taking in such far flung territories as Chile, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and India, wrapping up proceedings at the UK 'Glastonbury' festival.

Waters released two new songs for internet download during 2004, 'To Kill The Child' and the twelve minute 'Leaving Beirut', the latter "as a response to America and Great Britain invading Iraq". The 'Ca Ira' opera release, apparently recorded in both French and English, was scheduled for 2005 issue. A Rock album, with a working title of 'Heartland', was projected for 2006.

Over two decades of PINK FLOYD bitterness would be laid to rest in 2005 when ROGER WATERS, DAVID GILMOUR, RICK WRIGHT and Nick Mason reunited to appear at Bob Geldof's 2nd July 'Live 8' London charity concert for Africa. This event marked their first public performance since they last played at London's Earls Court in 1981.

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