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A short-lived, yet nontheless legendary Glam outfit led by ex TIGERTAILZ vocalist Steevi Jaimz (real name Steve Denham). ST. JAIMZ arrived in a cloud of hairspray touting a self-financed EP produced by ex THIN LIZZY guitarist Scott Gorham, but unfortunately failed to make the next hurdle, with Jaimz going on to form a number of similar, though less successful outfits.

Prior to fronting TIGERTAILZ Jaimz had been a member of TREASON, CHINA ROGUE and IDLE THREAT. Fired from TIGERTAILZ - reportedly due to his erratic and violent behaviour following theirr debut album, but ultimately thanks to a clash of personalities - Steevi forged the initial 1988 line up of ST. JAIMZ with former DRESSED TO KILL guitarist Bret Patrucci, bassist Krissy Foxx and drummer Jaysi Blond.

However, ST. JAIMZ toured Britain on a club tour in late 1989 with new bassist Joey Obertelli before Obertelli, Patrucci and Blonde quit to form CROWN OF THORNS (not the American group of the same name).

By 1990 the line up had changed to include ex GIN SLING and TATTOOED LOVE BOYS guitarist Marc Ama Chan, another ex TATTOOED LOVE BOYS member in bassist Daryus Kaye and drummer Jules Fayle-Parr. This line up undertook a lengthy British club tour supported by DIRTY VALENTINE, although Jaimz and Fayle-Parr later formed the more Metal orientated WAR PARTY.

However, by 1995 Jaimz had once more allied himself to ex-TIGERTAILZ drummer Ace Finchum in a band titled JAIMZ GANG, although two yrars on Jaimz was working on a SWEET tribute band, in the Brian Connolly role naturally, but to no avail.

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