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SHADOWKEEP is a Surrey based Power Progressive Metal band, initially led by Belgian vocalist Rogue Marechel with guitarists Chris Allen and Nicki Robson. Created during the late 90s, SHADOWKEEP was one of a handful of British traditional Metal bands and as such came to prominence rapidly.

Allen, an ex-member of Basingstoke's INTENSE, and Robson were previously in a band project entitled SIRE with drummer Russell King. When King split away to join COMPLICITY in December 1998, SIRE folded. Allen and Robson resolved to forge ahead with a new group and pulled in ex-HALYCON man Rogue M. on vocals, ex-PATRICIA MORRISON BAND bassist Jim Daley and their SIRE colleague Russell King on drums.

SHADOWKEEP was groomed in its formative stages by Karl Groom And Clive Nolan of THRESHOLD, the band recording at their Thin Ice studios for what would turn out to be the debut 6 track 'Shadowkeep' mini album. This release soon drew attention from mainland Europe and a deal was secured with German label Limb Music Productions.

The band's first full length album, 'Corruption Within', emerged in September 2000. The group's influences were amply demonstrated with a close out unaccredited version of QUEENSRYCHE's 'Queen Of The Reich'. This track also being donated to the Dwell Records QUEENSRYCHE tribute album 'Rebellion'.

The band landed a number of high profile support slots including opening for DIO in Belgium, HALFORD in France and ANGEL WITCH in London. Following these dates SHADOWKEEP discharged their rhythm section and grafted on a fresh team of the New Zealand born ex-DRAGONHEART bassist Steve Scott and former ANGEL WITCH drummer Scott Higham. By March 2002 Scott, prioritising his other act POWER QUEST, had been replaced by Steve Kightley. The ANGEL WITCH connection strengthened in October when Rogue M. was supplanted by ANGEL WITCH bassist and TYGERS OF PAN TANG frontman Richie Wicks. Before the month was out though Scott Higham had vacated the drum stool. In his place came New Zealander Lawrence Paterson, previously with DESTROYER, TALON, THE WARNING, ARBITRATER, CHIMERA and METALHEAD.

SHADOWKEEP would be fronted by American vocalist Ronnie Stixx, a veteran of TERRA VAST and DIVINE RUINS, in mid 2003. The band appeared at the MOTȪRHEAD headlined 'Monterrey Metal Fest' at the Auditorio Coca Cola in Monterrey, Mexico in May 2005. Ex-singer Rogue M put in a one off performance with BALACE OF POWER at the Turkish 'Rock The Nations' festival in Istanbul during August. In September SHADOWKEEP announced that both Richie Wicks and Scott Higham had rejoined the band.

Former singer Stixx and drummer Mike Pittmen reforged DIVINE RUINS during mid 2006, this new look band involving ex-TALISPHERE guitarist Shawn Noone, second guitarist Ian Rendawn and bassist Mike Canales.

Melissa Records released the Karl Groom produced 'The Hourglass Effect' in November 2008. Recording roster for this effort involved vocalist Richie Weeks, guitarists Nicki Robson and Chris Allen, bassist Stony Grantham and drummer Omar Hayes.

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