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Date Formed 1982

Categories: Classic Rock, Hard Rock


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PETE WAY, one of the true great characters and noted songwriters of the British rock scene, split from UFO in 1982 following disillusionment with UFO's supposed more commercial direction on the 'Mechanix' album. Way almost immediately formed FASTWAY with erstwhile MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Eddie Clarke but prior to any recording the bassist, forced out of the project by threats of legal action from his record company, bailed out to join OZZY OSBOURNE's touring band for British dates in 1982. Upon completion of OZZY OSBOURNE shows the errant bassist got together a new band project. The aptly named WAYSTED was founded with new hot shot guitarist Ronnie Kayfield, formerly with HEARTBREAKERS, former UFO colleague Paul Raymond on keyboards, Scottish ex-FLYING SQUAD vocalist Fin (real name Ian Muir) and ex-STAMPEDE, WILD HORSES and DEF LEPPARD drummer Frank Noon.

Chrysalis Records, who had earlier exercised a contract option on Way nixing him from the FASTWAY venture, took the project on. The debut 1983 album 'Vices' was produced by Mick Glossop who ironically earlier in the year had produced UFO's 'Making Contact'. It proved Way's desire to rock harder than the UFO he had departed was as true as his word with an extremely heavy album, high on guitar content and all topped with Fin's gravel edged raucous vocals. 'Vices' would close out with a rumbustious cover of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE's 'Somebody To Love'. Just prior to the band's support slot to the MÖTLEY CRÜE and OZZY OSBOURNE tour package in North America guitarist Barry Benadetta was added. Line up problems duly ensued and by the end of the American tour both Benadetta and Kayfield were out.

Raymond was also fired just prior to WAYSTED's support slot to DIO on his UK and European tour of October 1983. This tour was to result in much 'undisciplined' behaviour and excess, including the much documented scene when a blitzed Way carried on singing the UFO chestnut 'Too Hot To Handle' oblivious to the fact that the rest of the band had finished the set. By the end of the tour WAYSTED returned home trimmed down to the writing partnership of Way and Fin.

WAYSTED again shifted their line up in the summer enrolling ex-ANGELIC UPSTARTS drummer Decca Wade and erstwhile JESS COX BAND guitarist Neil Shepard. In late 1984 WAYSTED underwent yet another line up shake-up with Way managing to entice his former UFO colleagues guitarist PAUL CHAPMAN and drummer Andy Parker to join the band. Chapman had previously been asked by Way to show Shepard how to play the UFO numbers but the union proved more permanent and following a handful of gigs and recording of the 1984 'Waysted' mini album Shepard exited.

In the hiatus between UFO and WAYSTED Chapman had formed a band in Florida entitled D.O.A. whilst Parker was playing with Los Angeles act SCARLET. Chapman's band comprised of vocalist David Edwards, guitarist Ronnie Damsani, bassist Steve Chikitus, keyboard player Jimmy Delella and drummer Paul Barron. Before long D.O.A. evolved into CIRCUS CIRCUS with the addition of former ALLIED FORCES singer Danny Vaughn.

The revised line up of WAYSTED, now sporting the enviable line up of three ex-UFO men, opened for IRON MAIDEN on a UK tour, after which Parker left. Former MOTÖRHEAD man Philthy Phil Taylor occupied the drum position for a few months but left to open a position for former HUMBLE PIE and FASTWAY drummer Jerry Shirley. For recording of 'The Good, The Bad, The Waysted', produced by former TEN YEARS AFTER man Leo Lyons, the band also drafted in keyboard player Jimmy DeLilla from Chapman's ex-outfit D.O.A. Fin finally left in late 1985. His post WAYSTED career would include terms fronting a diverse array of acts including Q TIPS, HELLZABOPPIN' and FIVE GO JAZZ.

Way regrouped once more with Chapman adding ex-WORLD WAR III drummer Johnny 'Dee' DiTeodora and Chapman's former D.O.A. and CIRCUS CIRCUS vocalist Danny Vaughn. This line up, guided now by former UFO manager Wilf Wright, gained a deal with Capitol Records and released the excellent Simon Hanhart produced 'Save Your Prayers' album. This outing, a much more melodic affair than its predecessors, took many by surprise with its sheer quality and is now widely hailed as an overlooked classic.

The band set about promoting the album with dates in Europe guesting for STATUS QUO prior to supporting IRON MAIDEN in America during 1987. The band also put in a one off show in Tel Aviv, Israel alongside MARILLION and ALVIN LEE. Chapman was replaced for August shows in America supporting HELIX with American teenage guitarist Eric Gamens but with the end of the tour the band once more collapsed. Vaughn formed the slick melodic Rock outfit TYKETTO. Dee went on to join Philadelphia based compatriots BRITNY FOX. Both Dee and DeLilla would join DORO's touring band of 1993.

In an effort to salvage the wreckage of WAYSTED, and undeterred by the loss of their Capitol Records deal, Way recorded a batch of demos with Dee, guitarists Eric Gamens and Martin Chaisson (real name Martin Smith) together with THE QUIREBOYS vocalist SPIKE. The latter's act being managed by UFO frontman PHIL MOGG reuniting the two old friends once more. WAYSTED faltered on with ex-TYGERS OF PAN TANG vocalist Jon Deverill and keyboard player Ged Ryland briefly flirting with the outfit prior to its demise. Gamens joined COLD SWEAT whilst Chaisson formed IF ONLY before turning up under the pseudonym 'Kettle' in APES, PIGS AND SPACEMEN.

Way inevitably re-forged links with Mogg and reformed UFO in the early nineties initially with erstwhile GRAND SLAM, STAMPEDE and RHODE ISLAND RED guitarist Lawrence Archer and inevitably becoming part of the reunion of the classic UFO line up for the 'Walk On Water' album.

The late 90's also saw Way and Mogg involved outside of UFO (often forced due to contractual reasons) with the MOGG/WAY project releasing two albums 'Edge Of The World' and 'Chocolate Box'. By 1999 Way, although still committed to UFO, was contemplating a further WAYSTED project documenting his recent return from yet another episode of heroin addiction.

In the meantime, fans were treated to the next best thing as the long deleted 'Save Your Prayers' album resurfaced. Demos for the original album were released with Chapman adding previously absent guitar solos. The 'Wilderness Of Mirrors' album also added the previously unreleased 'Fortunate Son', a cover of the CREEDANCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL track. A further release of archive material, 'Your Prayers Are Saved', would include not only WAYSTED material but live UFO tracks and PAUL CHAPMAN's instrumental 'The Bells Of Berlin'. Way issued his first pure solo album 'Amphetamine' in 2000 as UFO launched their own 'Covenant' opus. During late 2001 Way, although in discussion with Chapman for a proposed WAYSTED reunion, was on the road in America with a fresh band project involving Michael Schenker entitled THE PLOT.

During April of 2003, a surprise move by Way revealed that WAYSTED, including PAUL CHAPMAN and vocalist Fin, had reformed. During late 2004 the details of a brand new album, entitled suitably enough 'Back From The Dead', were unveiled. However, Chapman's position had already been usurped by Chris George, a veteran of Greg Ridley's HUMBLE PIE. Recorded in both the UK and the USA the album would be mixed by ROBIN GEORGE. Japanese variants added two UFO covers 'No Place To Run' and 'The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent'.

Unfortunately the announcement seemed premature as, on 12th November, Chapman resigned, apparently in protest to having his guitars recorded over by Chris George. To provide evidence of his gripe, the guitarist placed original mixes of the album on his own website so fans could judge for themselves.

The new look WAYSTED scheduled a batch of UK shows for January 2005 with support from Swedish act M.ILL.ION but curtailed these gigs days beforehand, announcing Way was "dealing with a close personal family problem". They would soon announce a return to the stage, supporting THE QUIREBOYS on 18th February at London's Mean Fiddler. This four song set was to be captured on the EP 'Boot From The Dead'. Headline shows were subsequently re-scheduled for September. Fin scored himself an unexpected hit as session singer for the theme tune 'Handbags & Gladrags' for the BBC hit comedy series 'The Office'. Meantime, it was learned that original WAYSTED guitarist Ron E. Kayfield had assembled a group of Philadelphia musicians in a LED ZEPPELIN tribute act GET THE LED OUT.

In late 2005 Way struck up another band project dubbed DAMAGE CONTROL, this being an alliance with former MAGNUM, NOTORIOUS and LIFE guitarist ROBIN GEORGE and drummer Chris Slade, the distinctive bald headed veteran also holding a prior tradition with AC/DC, URIAH HEEP, ASIA, MANFRED MANN, 100 PROOF and THE FIRM.

Former WAYSTED members guitarist PAUL CHAPMAN and drummer Johnny Dee issued news in May 2006 unveiling the construction of a project to re-record classic UFO tracks. Former McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP and GRAND PRIX singer ROBIN McAULEY had vocalised on versions of 'No Place To Run', 'Wild, Willing & Innocent' and 'The Writer' cut at Garudio Studios in Palm Beach. However, in July Chapman joined the GATOR COUNTRY BAND, a seasoned collection of MOLLY HATCHET veterans vocalist Jimmy Farrar, guitarist Steve Holland, bassist Riff West and drummer Bruce Crump.

WAYSTED announced a set of UK shows for September 2006. By July the following the band line-up had been re-shaped to comprise vocalist Fin, guitarist Chris George, bassist Pete Way and drummer Paul Haslin. This quartet signed to Livewire Records to record the album 'The Harsh Reality', issued in October 2007, and cover AEROSMITH's 'Sweet Emotion' for inclusion on a 'Classic Rock' magazine CD covermount.

In October 2007 Z Records announced WAYSTED was to perform at it's 2008 UK 'Z' festival. However, that same day the band themselves followed up with a statement saying they were not performing. The band performed a short run of dates allied with THE STEVE GRIMMETT BAND in June 2008.That September WAYSTED played the 'Rock Of Ages' festival at the Asylum in Birmingham. UK shows then ensued through to the year end.

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