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Dudley based experimental Metal act, widely regarded as progenitors of the Industrial-Noise scene of the early nineties. An early incarnation of HEAD OF DAVID featured guitarist Justin Broadrick of NAPALM DEATH and GODFLESH on the drums. The group was assembled as a trio comprising vocalist Stephen Reuben Burroughs, guitarist Eric Jurenovski and bass guitarist Dave Cochrane, debuting in 1986 with the 'Dogbreath' EP. A succinctly entitled album 'LP' followed later that same year. CD variants, naturally re-billed as 'CD', also hosted the 'Dogbreath' tracks as a bonus.

Broadrick, then also an active participant in both FALL OF BECAUSE and NAPALM DEATH, was inducted for a John Fryer produced EP entitled 'The Saveana Mixes'. HEAD OF DAVID plunged straight into Americana, albeit with a distinct British quirkiness, for the Steve Albini produced 'Dustbowl'.

Following 1989's 'White Elephant' album, actually material culled from a Radio One John Peel session, bassist Dave Cochrane decamped, joining GOD, and Broadrick, partnering with FALL OF BECAUSE colleague C. Christian Green, bowed out to found GODFLESH. As a parting shot Broadrick claimed he had made his exit due to core band members taking on a liking for WHITESNAKE! Undaunted, Burroughs and Jurenovski drafted bass man Bipin Kumar for the 'Seed State' record in 1989, these sessions seeing the guitarist also handling drum programming.

Broadrick and Cochrane would re-unite in 1994, both donating their services to the ICE album 'Under The Skin'. FEAR FACTORY paid due homage by covering 'Dog Day Sunrise' on their 'Demanufacture' album.

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