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Date Formed 1987

Categories: AOR, Melodic Rock


A West Midlands melodic Rock outfit originally formed by ex-DIAMOND HEAD guitarist Brian Tatler in 1987 with bassist Aldo Mazzei, drummer Rich Battersby, keyboard player Steve Bough and vocalist Storm (real name Bob Gallei). During one of RADIO MOSCOW's first shows, Tatler fell offstage, breaking his arm. Bad luck and tragedy seemingly beset the band at every turn, as in October 1987 keyboard player Graham Box was killed in a car crash.

The group added ex-KARRIER and DANTE FOX guitarist Tim Manford during 1988 and RADIO MOSCOW secured a deal with major label Phonogram, recording the album 'World Service', but the deal lapsed prior to its release and Manford would quit the group to rejoin DANTE FOX.

'World Service', produced by METALLICA's live sound engineer 'Big ' Mick Hughes, finally saw a release through Status Records in 1991. Although the bulk of the guitars on the record had been fully recorded with Brian Tatler, the solos were claimed to have been re-recorded by Rob James. In fact, Tim Manford had contributed all of the guitar work whilst Tatler had written the material. The album also featured vocalist Paul Bridgewater, of noted Blues Rockers SLOWBURNER, who later took time out to record an unreleased album with TAPANZEE prior to rejoining RADIO MOSCOW for the third album 'Get A New Life'. Bridgewater would guest on the 1993 'Parche' album from German act ALEX PARCHE PROJECT.

The band would break up towards the mid 90's as Rich Battersby joined THE WILDHEARTS. Upon THE WILDHEARTS disintegration in late 1997 Battersby formed THE INFIDELS and later GRAND THEFT AUDIO. By 1995 Bridgewater was fronting HEARTBREAKER with guitarist Gery Morris.

Of interest is that an early RADIO MOSCOW album recorded with Brian Tatler remains unreleased. Tatler went on to Celtic Rock outfit THE QUILL, releasing two albums, 'Out Of The Hat' and 'Privileged', before reforming DIAMOND HEAD.

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