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A British Heavy Metal band that proved an unlikely hit in the USA. Droitwich act GRIM REAPER secured a deal with Heavy Metal Records in 1981 following their inclusion of their song 'The Reaper' on the compilation album 'Heavy Metal Heroes'. At this time the line-up was vocalist Paul DeMercado (a.k.a. 'Woofer'), bassist Phil Matthews and drummer Angel Jacques alongside founder member guitarist Nick Bowcott. Their 'Bleed 'Em Dry' demo, famously recorded in a horse stable and seeing formative member Dave Wanklin returning on bass, sold out of its 500 copies. Many NWoBHM collectors believe the band released a 7" single, 'Can't Take Anymore', on Heavy Metal Records, but this was only a proposal and never saw the light of day.

Steve Grimmett was drafted in to replace DeMercado in 1982 for the demo cassette 'For Demonstration Only'. Grimmett had come from local act MEDUSA, which also featured guitarist Lance Perkins and drummer Eddie Smith, later to adopt the respective nom de plumes of "Lance Rocket" and "Eddie Starr" in WRATHCHILD. Another early member was ex-ROUGH JUSTICE drummer Brian 'Thunderburst' Parry, later to join WRATHCHILD and ORIGINAL SIN. GRIM REAPER enrolled drummer Lee Harris, who had been part of GRIM REAPER in the past, to create the most familiar line-up of the act. Later that year the band signed to Ebony Records for their first full-length album, recorded by producer Darryl Johnston over just four days in the living room of his terraced house in Hull. Grimmett also found time to perform lead vocal duties for CHATEAUX's debut album, also on Ebony, as their label mates found themselves in the studio minus a vocalist.

The debut GRIM REAPER album, although hideously under produced, actually fared exceptionally well in the U.S. Billboard top 100 through a licensing deal with RCA Records. Powered by heavy MTV rotation of a Jim Roseman directed video clip for the title track, the album, issued in the USA on Friday 13th July 1984, eventually surpassed the 200'000 sales mark, peaking at number 73. 'See You In Hell' proved an apt title for the record as the band explored dark themes within tracks such as 'Dead On Arrival' wrapped around some classic British Metal riffs and Grimmett's extraordinary vocals. GRIM REAPER seemed able to successfully mesh melody with true aggression.

Oddly, for a period in early 1983 the band experimented with keyboard player Andy Thomas but soon reverted to the tried and tested four piece formula and GRIM REAPER played an American club tour to promote the album alongside acts such as EXCITER and SANTERS.

The second album, 'Fear No Evil', again suffered from poor production. For this outing, seeing Johnston was once again handling production on a session which lasted a total nine days, Lee Harris had been superseded by Mark Simon. 'Fear No Evil' still bolstered success in the States where the band had been active with extensive touring including dates with URIAH HEEP, headliners with support act VICTORY then a show with DEEP PURPLE at the huge Texas Jam festival. MTV was catered for once again with a promotional clip being shot for 'Fear No Evil'. Directed by Chris Gaberin the video marked the introduction of the Grim Reaper himself, a character mascot devised in similar fashion to IRON MAIDEN's infamous Eddie.

The third album saw GRIM REAPER emerge after a lengthy legal battle with Ebony to place their signatures directly with RCA Records in America. The band had originally recorded the album, then billed 'Night Of The Vampire', at Ebony's new Hemingborough Hall studios during 1986 but when tapes were sent to RCA they were judged to be of such poor sound quality as to be unusable. The album was completely re-recorded in America. The end result was the awesome album 'Rock You To Hell', produced by Max Norman, which really showed the band in its true light - an absolutely essential British Metal purchase. A cover version of BLUE OYSTER CULT's '(Don't Fear) The Reaper' was cut although not included. Notably, the video for 'Rock You To Hell' would see Max Norman standing in on bass.

GRIM REAPER teamed up with ARMORED SAINT and HELLOWEEN for the 'Hell On Wheels' American tour to promote the album. At this juncture Wanklin was replaced with ex IDOL RICH bassist Geoff Curtis.

At this point RCA were keen to build on GRIM REAPER's profile and the proposed fourth album saw Bowcott writing new more mainstream material with the likes of SURGIN man Jack Ponti, a former associate of JON BON JOVI. The band performed a few low key British gigs with a new rhythm section of bassist Benje Brittain, previously a member of HEALTH WARNING, and drummer Mark Simon, previously a member of HEALTH WARNING and VIRGIN STAR. Sadly, and inexplicably, it all went hideously wrong and the band split. Ironically, the classic 'Rock You To Hell' was never released in Britain.

By rights GRIM REAPER should have been huge and the third album remains a tragic reminder of what could have been. In the wake of GRIM REAPER former members Wanklin and Harris left the music business altogether, while Steve Grimmett went on to front the ill fated Bristom Thrash Metal band ONSLAUGHT in a total mismatch of Nick Bowcott fared little better with a new act BARFLY recording an album which never saw a release. The guitarist pursued a career in music journalism, writing for the US based 'Circus' amongst others, and made a guest appearance on the eponymous EYEWITNESS album of 1995.

In 1994 GRIM REAPER was back in America's living rooms through a source no amount of forward planning could ever have accounted for. MTV's latest cartoon sensation, the metal loving 'Beavis and Butthead' mercilessly savaged a GRIM REAPER video to such a damning extent that progress from that point on. To the American public, the animated duo's attack became synonymous with the name GRIM REAPER.

Steve Grimmett then pursued his own project LIONSHEART signed to Music For Nations and enjoying considerable success in Japan. Following three LIONSHEART albums Grimmett founded PRIDE with ex-KILLERS personnel and began work on a projected solo album. In early 1999 the man contributed backing vocals to the MARSHALL LAW album 'Warning From History'.

2000 found Grimmet back in action forging a new act titled SEVEN DEADLY SINS. The band was billed as GRIM REAPER for the German 'Wacken Open Air' festival the same year, against the band's wishes, as the Spitfire label in America re-issued all three albums. GRIM REAPER's line-up for this one off event included former KILLERS and THE SHOCK drummer Pete Newdeck.

During February of 2002 American Metal band SEVEN WITCHES, led by SAVATAGE guitarist Jack Frost, issued their 'Xiled To Infinity And One' album, complete with a cover version of GRIM REAPER's 'See You In Hell'. Demand for the band appeared unabated as news emerged that GRIM REAPER were set to make a return live performance at the Florida 'Sun n' Steel I' festival in March of 2004. However, this was quickly refuted by Steve Grimmett.

In 2005 the Majestic Rock label issued archive MEDUSA recordings, featuring Grimmett, under the billing 'Clash Of The Titans'. That same year GRIM REAPER would be thrust back onto TV screens, albeit in rather unexpected circumstances. Popular Alt-Rockers WEEZER used footage from the band's 'Fear No Evil' video, lip synching their own single 'We Are All On Drugs', over the top.

GRIM REAPER announced a reformation gig for April 2006 at the Lauda-Königshofen 'Keep It True VI' festival in Germany. The band line-up comprised Grimmett, LIONSHEART and SEVEN DEADLY SINS guitarist Ian Nash, bassist Ritchie Walker and drummer Pete Newdeck. This formation also appeared at the 'Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival VII' on October 28th at the Manifesto in Hoorn, Holland. In late 2006 Grimmett unveiled his brand new band project, simply titled THE STEVE GRIMMETT BAND, this unit involving Nash, Walker and Newdeck.

In July 2008 Grimmett was announced as fronting the Fargo, North Dakota Heavy Metal band GRIMMSTINE, assembled by METHUSELAH and DOZER guitarist Steve Stine in union with the SONS OF POSEIDON rhythm section of bassist Hat and drummer Dave Johnson. The latter also has credits with DENIED BY CHRIST and METHUSELAH.

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