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Hailing from Glendale, Arizona, KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS came together during early 2005, created when drummer Andy Rysdam had left his former band JOB FOR A COWBOY. In this new Deathcore endeavour Rysdam was joined by guitarists Nick Florence and Cody Brechtel, bassist J.M. Campbell and lead vocalist Phil Noreiga.

Two sets of demos preceded touring campaigns in 2006 opening for AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK, ELYSIA and MOLOTOV SOLUTION. However, the group had by now altered its format to include vocalist Mike Manheimer and bassist John Seabury. Further US touring followed throughout 2007, followed up by a self-funded European run of dates.

During recording of the debut 'Juggernaut' album it was discovered that Manheimer injured his throat. The group drafted Dustin Hadlock to lay down the vocal tracks. In addition, Zak Vargas of ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS, put down vocals on the song 'Decaying Waste'. Hadlock's tenure progressed into a touring role, closing in January 2008, when Manheimer returned.

Ferret Music issued the follow up album 'Shades' in June 2008. These tracks were mixed by Andreas Magnusson and mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Music. Although Manheimer delivered the lyrics, the actual vocal tracks were recorded by Dustin Curtis from Tucson, Arizona band A BREATH BEFORE SURFACING.

As 2009 arrived, most of the KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS musicians took their leave, leaving only Florence remaining. The guitarist built up a fresh band unit involving a re-appointed Dustin Hadlock, THE BLOOD COUNTESS members guitarist Brian McNulty and bass guitarist Griffin Kolinski, and drummer James Gillespie. Both Hadlock and Gillespie were also operational with a Nick Florence side project, DECESSUS. Demos were recorded in March.

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