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Noted Christian Death Metal band, founded in Little Rock, Arkansas during the Autumn of 1989 by vocalist / bassist D.J., guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh and drummer Lance Garvin. This teenage act would be joined by second guitarist Jason Truby during 1990. Their debut demo that year, a four song effort, was deemed "horrible" by the band and not officially released. However, D.J. copied 300 on his mother's stereo to be sold for cost. Although not to the band's liking, the demo did secure a deal with Christian Metal label REX Records. Their debut eponymous album, produced by Doug Mann and BELIEVER's Kurt Bachman, sparked a run of East Coast dates with CRUCIFIED. With this success, the band was soon back in the recording studio to cut follow up 'Nonexistent' before more touring then the 1994 'Inhabit' opus. Stylistically LIVING SACRIFICE opened as a straight down the line Thrash act for their eponymous 1991 debut but would develop into a full flown Death Metal machine complete with gutteral vocals by the follow up 'Non Existent'. Tracks from this album would be radically remixed by CIRCLE OF DUST for a compilation 'Metamorphosis'.

D.J. fronted LIVING SACRIFICE for the first trio of albums before leaving. Guitarist Bruce Fitshugh took over the lead vocal position and Chris Truby, Jason's brother, stepped in on bass. Switching labels to Solid State, LIVING SACRIFICE conceived the 'Reborn' album, recorded at Poynter's Palace in Little Rock, by Barry Poynter in January 1997.

LIVING SACRIFICE underwent a further period of flux in 1998 when the Truby brothers guitarist Jason and bassist Chris decamped. The band briefly pulled in bass player Jay Stacy before finding former ESOCHARIS man Arthur Green as permanent replacement. LIVING SACRIFICE also added another ex-ESOCHARIS member Cory Putman on guitar in 1998. In this incarnation the band put in live shows in Sweden and Norway, after which Rocky Gray, a former member of SHREDDED CORPSE, joined on guitar. A subsequent recruit, in 2000, would be Matt Putman from ESOCHARIS on percussion. Guitarist Rocky Gray and drummer Lance Garvin would also be operational with the side project SOUL EMBRACED. The fifth LIVING SACRIFICE record, 'The Hammering Process', emerged in June of 2000 through Solid State Records with 'Conceived In Fire' delivered in 2002.

Clenched Fist Records issued a LIVING SACRIFICE tribute album during 2001 featuring such acts as MORDECAI, DIRGE, CRIMSON THORN, SOUL EMBRACED, KEKAL, NAILED PROMISE, SOTERIOS and MINDRAGE.

With Gray taking time out to act as drummer for the hugely successful EVANESCENCE vocalist / guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh dropped out of the line up in January of 2003. An erstwhile band member, guitarist Jason Truby, joined the high profile P.O.D. in February. LIVING SACRIFICE announced their intention to disband, bowing out with a final appearance at the Illinois 'Cornerstone' Christian Metal festival in July.

In early 2004 Lance Garvin involved himself in a collusion with GODHEAD singer Jason Miller, DROWNING POOL frontman Jason Jones along with PRONG and TOMMY LEE bassist Marty O'Brien on the track 'The End Has Come', slated for the soundtrack to the comic book movie 'The Punisher'. That same year Jason Truby prepared an ambitious solo album entitled 'String Theory'. Employing no less than nineteen different types of guitar, the record apparently claimed to be recorded with a "patent pending recording technique that captured some of the most ground breaking acoustic sounds ever recorded."

LIVING SACRIFICE opened for DEMON HUNTER on US 2008 tour dates. 2009 album recordings would be produced by Jeremiah Scott and mixed by SABBAT guitarist Andy Sneap.

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