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Although a supposedly anonymous Mexican Death Metal band BRUJERIA ("Witchcraft") was in fact initially led by FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares and drummer Raymond Herrera in collusion with NAPALM DEATH members and FAITH NO MORE's Billy Gould. BRUJERIA's unique marketing ploy was to adopt the personas of anonymous Mexican drug barons and, for a while, they fooled the Metal world until their identities were leaked. The initial 1989 formation comprised guitarist El Asesino (Dino Cazares) and bassist Güero Sin Fe (Billy Gould), this pair cutting the singles 'Demoniaco' for Nemesis in 1990 and 'Machetazos' through Alternative Tentacles the following year.

The band shifted shape in 1993 as singer El Brujo (Juan Brujo), drummer Greñudo (FEAR FACTORY's Raymond Herrera) and bass player Fantasma (Pat Hoed), of acts such as DOWN BY LAW, NIP DRIVERS, FOREIGN OBJECT, SLOWRIDER and PUNK ROCK VATOS, were inducted. Hoed's reputation spread beyind activity as a musician, being highly regarded as DJ 'Adam Bomb' on the 'Final Countdown' radio show on KXLU in Los Angeles.

Roadrunner Records issued the debut album 'Matando Güeros' in July 1993. With this entry into the wider public arena, artwork featuring a photograph of a charred severed head and brutally unrefined grindcore, BRUJERIA naturally caused controversy from the outset. A sickened sense of humour prevailed over the entire affair as evidenced by songs such as 'Matando Güeros' ("Killing White Boys"), 'Molestando Ninos Muertos' ("Molesting Dead Children") and 'Chinga Tu Madre' ("Fuck Your Mother").

The following year Alternative Tentacles put out the 7" vinyl single 'El Patron', delivered as a tribute to renowned cocaine lord Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.

The band's second slice of album depravity, 'Raza Odiada', arrived in August 1995. The sleeve's shock value was to be more refined this time around, a heroic portrait of the EZLN Zapatista Army of National Liberation guerilla leader Insurgente Marcos. The audio content opened with a satirical speech by DEAD KENNEDYS leader Jello Biafra pouring diatribe against "brown skinned" immigrants choking California. Brujeria's response, a hail of gunfire, acted as an inceptor into a deluge of grind.

In 1997 BRUJERIA's 'Marijuana' EP through Billy Gould's own Kool Arrow label commendably spoofed the Pop hit the 'Macarena' in Death Metal. Pressed on both green and black vinyl variants, early editions came packaged complete with matches.

Ex-CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR and LOCK UP drummer Nick Barker contributed to the November 2000 album 'Brujerizmo' bolstering a recording roster comprising vocalist John Lepe, guitarists Billy Gould and Dino Cazares with bassists Pay Hoed and Shane Embury.

A BRUJERIA offshoot sprang up in late 2001, the 'Corridos de Muerte album' was released via Kool Arrow/Demoniaco billed as ASESINO ('Assassin'), which featured Cazares and Herrera alongside STATIC X frontman Tony Campos. That November Kool Arrow compiled the collection 'Mextremist! Greatest Hits'. In May 2002 Alternative Tentacles issued 'The Singles' compilation album. In keeping with the air of intrigue and confusion surrounding the band the track listing detailed on the cover proved to be completely wrong.

The break up of FEAR FACTORY in 2002 would also seemingly bear repercussions on BRUJERIA as SADISTIC INTENT drummer Emilio Márquez was reported to have supplanted Herrera in both BRUJERIA and ASESSINO. These rumours would soon be quickly denied but in fact Márquez (El Sadístico) did join ASESINO. The official formation of BRUJERIA in July of 2003 stood at vocalist El Brujo, guitarist El Asesino (Cazares) and drummer Hongo Jr. (Nick Barker). BRUJERIA united with SOULFLY for the September 'Aztlan Fest '03' US tour, these dates, also including DELINQUENT HABITS and Mexico's Ska-Punks CABRITO VUDU, designed to showcase international Latin artists. Roadrunner put out the compilation album 'The Mexecutioner!' to coincide.

A July 2004 BRUJERIA gig in McAllen, Texas was cancelled after Cazares was reportedly bitten on the leg by a brown recluse spider, causing a massive infection. Suffering from fevers and hallucinations the guitarist was hospitalized for two days. Nevertheless, BRUJERIA still performed two sold out, back to back shows in Los Angeles at the Key Club that same month, the group's debut shows in the city breaking a 14 year ban. Every other attempt by the band to play Los Angeles had been previously blocked by protest. In January of 2005 BRUJERIA founder Dino Cazares announced his decision to quit.

ASESINO released 'Cristo Satanico' in 2006. Back on the road in 2006, BRUJERIA, having added a new rhythm section of Angelito (Tony Laureano), of NILE and MALEVOLENT CREATION, on drums and El Cynico, actually CARCASS man Jeff Walker, on bass, announced Chile, Argentina and Mexico shows for January then partnered with CEPHALIC CARNAGE for US shows in February. Spanish shows in September, retaining Walker in the line-up, saw Spanish metal band HORA ZULU as support.

Back on the campaign trail, BRUJERIA undertook US concerts in March 2007 supported by CEPHALIC CARNAGE. Kool Arrow released the single 'Debilador' in 2008.

The 2009 line-up of BRUJERIA was quoted as Juan Brujo 'Garganta', Fantasma 'Lengua Pesado y Bajo', Hongo (Shane Embury) 'Guitara', Pinche Peach 'Lengua Mamon y Gritos', El Podrido (Adrian Erdlandsson) 'Bateria', El Cynico (Jeff Walker) 'Bajo' and Pititis 'Voz Vieja'. European concerts in the summer witnessed performances at festivals such as 'Piorno Rock' in Granada, Spain, 'Brutal Assault' in Jaromer, Czech Republic and the 'Sziget' festival in Budapest, Hungary.

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