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1981 to 1984

SLAYER are without question the most sinister of the acts to break out onto the world stage from the early eighties American thrash phenomenon. With an unwillingness to compromise they have seemingly defied all the odds to place themselves in the position of regular chart breakers.

The band's music is unrelentingly intense, initially fuelled by drummer DAVE LOMBARDO, often voted as the 'World's best drummer' in many Metal mags, the mainstay lethal twin guitars of Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman together with the almost inhuman vocals of bassist Tom Araya (a former hospital respiratory therapist). This union made SLAYER not only mould-breakers but an act faithfully plagiarized by countless lesser bands. The group has never come close to pandering to radio and lyrically they are unafraid to venture into the realms of the most despicable and overtly controversial. Satanism and Nazism are familiar territories for SLAYER.

Initial recordings were marred by inadequate production and thus universally dismissed as derisory by the world's rock media. Even hardened Thrash fans found SLAYER's inaugural bursts of speed noise, when compared with rising stars such as MEGADETH, ANTHRAX and METALLICA, difficult to stomach.

Founded in 1981 by uniting former SABOTAGE drummer Lombardo, King and Araya from QUITS and Hanneman SLAYER, originally titled DRAGONSLAYER after the 1981 movie of the same name. At first they pursued a traditional heavy metal stance musically, even sporting face make-up in early pictures, but debuting with the fast track 'Aggressive Perfector' on the 'Metal Massacre IV' compilation album on Metal Blade Records persuaded the band to adopt a more intense leaning. A three track rehearsal demo tape followed in May 1983 comprising of 'Fight 'Til Death', 'Black Magic' and 'The Antichrist', which rapidly became a much traded item on the underground metal scene. That August SLAYER demoed again, putting down 'Evil Has No Boundaries' and 'Crionics'.

King teamed up with fellow Los Angeles speed metal band MEGADETH performing live gigs on a temporary basis. During this period of flux Lombardo was briefly supplanted by drummer Bob Gourley, later to join DARK ANGEL then create POWERLORD. The former outfit would prove to be a huge influence on the band and, coincidentlly, SLAYER's then lighting technician Gene Hoglan enrolled into the ranks of DARK ANGEL as their drummer.

Brian Slagel, Metal Blade mentor, was quick to notice the reaction to SLAYER's 'Metal Massacre IV' inclusion and duly signed the band up putting them in the studio in November to record 'Show No Mercy' whilst Lombardo graduated from high school. These sessions would be financed by Kerry King's father and Tom Araya's employment as a respiratory therapist. 'Show No Mercy' was rush released in December 1983, emerging a matter of weeks after the band had completed the tracks. The mainstream Rock press hated the record, proclaiming it to be an unintelligible mess, but much to their dismay it still sold in legion.

The band got out on the road, even putting in an English appearance at London's Marquee club, before setting off on the 'Haunting North America' tour. This trek was backed by the issue of the EP 'Haunting The Chapel' in August 1984. SLAYER's no compromise approach saw them using inverted crosses onstage and King wearing leather armbands encrusted with nails.

In November Metal Blade put out the 'Live Undead' recording, not captured on the road but in actual fact recorded live in the studio.

1985 to 1986

First product of 1985 was a VHS video dubbed 'Combat Tour - The Ultimate Revenge', documenting live footage of four tracks filmed on SLAYER's US trek alongside VENOM and EXODUS captured at New York's Studio 54 club. With second studio album 'Hell Awaits' arriving in September 1985, SLAYER provided ample defiance to those that sneered with the music easily equal in ferocity to the debut. SLAYER were clawing their way up and the British rock magazine 'Metal Forces' readers poll was a case of SLAYER sweeping the board gaining honours for best band, best live band, best album and best drummer.

SLAYER began to make serious headway when Rick Rubin, Owner and producer of Def Jam Records, signed the band in 1986. First fruits of this liaison was the 28 minute 'Reign In Blood' opus, a pure thrash album that took the genre to new levels of extremity. Quite incredibly the album was to break into the American Billboard top album 100 charts, the first of many.

'Reign In Blood' would come to define the very essence of both SLAYER and extreme Thrash Metal. Indeed, it would prove so pivotal to the band's career that in 2004 special show in Augusta, Georgia on 11th July would be filmed for the Dean Karr directed DVD release 'Reign in Blood Live: Still Reigning'. This saw the band running through the entire track listing of the record. Specially re-instated for these dates would be the bands 80s eagle backdrops and inverted crucifix lighting rig.

'Reign In Blood' also embroiled SLAYER into political condemnation almost immediately for the lyrics to the opening track 'Angel Of Death'. The song dealt with the infamous SS Auschwitz extermination camp doctor Joseph Mengele and many were quick to accuse SLAYER of fascist sentiments. The mighty CBS corporation, distributors of Def Jam, refused to handle the album.

The band retorted that this was merely an observation and not a belief, citing that Araya himself was far from being an all American white boy. The obviously Ayran Hanneman compounded the problem however by frequently wearing SS collar patches, iron crosses and insignia in photos and by adorning one of his guitars with cuff titles of notorious SS panzer divisions such as 'Totenkopf' and 'Das Reich'. SLAYER's tour T-shirts of the time proudly declared that the band were 'Slaytanic Wehrmacht' and featured a skull encased in a World War II German helmet. SLAYER seemed quite content to be stoking up their reputation as number 1 bad boys.

The band provoked further adverse reaction by their use of a new logo, a Nazi eagle with the swastika replaced with the SLAYER logo. The furor over 'Angel Of Death' was so great that British distributor Geffen, owned by the Jewish entrepreneur David Geffen, dropped the album from their schedules. Ironically Geffen had been quick to capitalise on SLAYER's dumping by CBS earlier.

SLAYER, on the 'Reign In Pain' tour for the first time enjoying the comforts of a tour bus, toured America with OVERKILL before European dates with openers MALICE. Such was the headliner's extreme loyalty that MALICE were very often the subject of ugly scenes, having to endure booing and, sadly, more often than not, spitting.

With the band's burgeoning popularity, former label Metal Blade were quick to capitalise releasing 'Live Undead' in limited edition a picture disc format. Kerry King unexpectedly found himself all over the radio during 1986 albeit not with SLAYER. The guitarist had donated a suitably manic solo to fellow Def Jam crew the BEASTIE BOYS number 1 'Licensed To Ill' album track 'No Sleep 'til Brooklyn'.

Between albums, and whilst in the midst of an American tour, Lombardo announced he was quitting in December 1986. Rumours circulated that the cause of the split was an argument over Lombardo's wife being on the road. Nonetheless, SLAYER continued with substitute T.J. Scaglione of WHIPLASH. As the tour rolled on SLAYER hooked up with W.A.S.P., an ill fated union that witnessed a bitter war of words between the two bands as to which act viewed itself as selling the more tickets.

1987 to 1989

SLAYER was back in the headlines once more in 1987 for all the wrong reasons when they pulled out of a headlining slot at the prestigious Aardschock Festival in Holland at the eleventh hour. A great degree of ill feeling was generated until the band explained that with the cancellation of METALLICA (due to the death of Cliff Burton) SLAYER had no intentions of performing but their agency had neglected to inform the relevant parties. With the band's burgeoning popularity, former label Metal Blade were quick to capitalise re-releasing 'Live Undead', as a picture disc variant.

Lombardo, who during his sabbatical had turned down the opportunity to join MEGADETH, was enticed back into the band in April 1987 in time to record the next album. The reinstated drummer did however nearly miss a batch of British dates when his work permit had been refused.

SLAYER plugged the gap between albums by covering IRON BUTTERFLY's 'In A Gadda Da Vida' for the movie soundtrack 'Less Than Zero'.

July 1988's 'South Of Heaven', which saw SLAYER slowing the pace somewhat and included a cover of JUDAS PRIEST's 'Dissident Aggressor', gave SLAYER increased sales yet again. With the band seemingly attempting to extricate themselves from their previous black metal trip oddly Rubin was to insist that the word 'Satan' appear on the record and at the last minute Araya reworked the lyrics to 'Read Between The Lies' to include a reference to ol' Nick.

American dates kicked off with support from NUCLEAR ASSAULT then SLAYER finally got the opportunity to play the major American arenas at the end of 1988 when they were invited to join JUDAS PRIEST as guests.

SLAYER took a lengthy break of some two years after the world tour during which time they severed ties with their British record company London Records. SLAYER had been far from amused when the single 'Mandatory Suicide' had been released on the very last date of the British tour.

1990 to 1995

1990 saw SLAYER in what some envisaged as an unholy union on the 'Clash Of The Titans' festival touring package. Three out of 'The big four', SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX teamed up for a series of monumental shows across arenas in Europe and North America. The eighteen shows in Europe had SLAYER and MEGADETH joined by SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and TESTAMENT. For the stateside dates, ANTHRAX was added and the then relatively unknown ALICE IN CHAINS opened. One result of these dates is that Araya was invited to guest on ALICE IN CHAINS 'Dirt' album. His contribution comes in the form of a Slayeresque scream on an untitled track.

The 'Seasons In The Abyss' album arrived in October 1990, breaking into the US Billboard charts at number 40 and giving the band a top twenty record in the UK. A promotional video for the title track was filmed in Egypt. Musically, 'Seasons In The Abyss' was to be the group's most caustic outing to date, with the track 'Dead Skin Mask', concerning serial killer Ed Gein complete with the whimpers of a young child for added effect, provoking particular disgust. A double live album 'Decade Of Aggression' followed in 1991. This two disc, hitting number 55 on Billboard, set was proudly issued in a raw state, incorporating none of the usual live album clean ups or overdubs. Disc one comprised a July 13th 1991 gig at the Lakeland Coliseum, Lakeland, Florida whilst the second disc hosted material recorded at Wembley Arena, London, United Kingdom, October 14th 1990 and the Orange Pavilion, San Bernardino, California, March 8th 1991. A limited edition of 10,000 metal box collectables added two extra tracks in 'Skeletons Of Society' and 'At Dawn They Sleep'.

In May 1992 Lombardo quit for good. His first project being recording with VOODOO CULT then the formation of GRIP INC. with VOODOO CULT guitarist Waldemar Sorychta, a band that has released two albums to date. Lombardo's substitute was ex-FORBIDDEN man Paul Bostoph. In this format, Slayer broke in their new man with gigs across California, Arizona and Baja California in Mexico prior to an appearance at the August 1992 IRON MAIDEN headlined Castle Donington 'Monsters Of Rock' festival.

During 1994 SLAYER teamed up with gangster rapper ICE T to cut a track for the soundtrack to the movie 'Judgement Night', a cover of British punk act THE EXPLOITED's 'Disorder'.

SLAYER shot back to their previous status with 'Divine intervention' in 1995. The album blasted into the Billboard top 100 at an incredible number 8. The record witnessed no respite when it came to dealing with beyond the pale subject matter, Hanneman's penchant for Nazi history re-surfacing with 'SS-3', the license plate of Reich governor of Bohemia and Moravia Reynard Heydrich's staff car, whilst '213' dealt with yet another serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, the number being that of his notorious apartment. 'Divine Intervention' was quick to achieve gold sales status and SLAYER's longevity was confirmed when back catalogue titles 'Reign In Blood', 'South Of Heaven' and 'Seasons In The Abyss' were all confirmed gold too. Naturally the band generated controversy once again, this time by using a photograph on the inner sleeve of dedicated fan Mike Meyer's rendition of the Slayer logo – carved with a razor into his own arm.

The band geared up for a world tour with openers BIOHAZARD and MACHINE HEAD prior to a fourth on the bill showing at the 'Monsters of rock' festival headlined by METALLICA. An accompanying video, 'Live Intrusion', filmed at the Mesa Amphitheater in Mesa, Arizona on March 12th, 1995 and including a cover of VENOM's 'Witching Hour', was released through American Recordings.

The subsequent tour had SLAYER appearing on an all star 'Monsters Of Rock' bill in South America alongside KISS and BLACK SABBATH.

1996 to 2007

SLAYER paid homage to their musical heroes in June 1996 with the issue of the 'Undisputed Attitude' (originally titled 'Selected And Exhumed') album made up of favourite punk tunes and three SLAYER original compositions including the more metal orientated 'Gemini' and 'D.D.A.M.M.' Songs covered included those by T.S.O.L., IGGY POP, notably switching an original lyric of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" to "I'm Gonna Be Your God", DOCTOR KNOW, England's G.B.H., and no less than three MINOR THREAT tracks. The Japanese version added SUICIDAL TENDENCIES 'Memories Of Tomorrow'. The event was marred for the band though when after recording Bostaph made his exit to concentrate on a jazz career. A drummerless SLAYER were forced to cancel South American and European tours.

While SLAYER were offering tribute to their mentors a series of Swedish compilation albums entitled 'Slaytanic Slaughter' were released where Scandinavian acts covered their favourite SLAYER song.

SLAYER resumed activity with the addition of erstwhile TESTAMENT drummer John Dette, however his tenure was fleeting as Bostoph was duly reinstated, Dette returning to the TESTAMENT camp. In his time away from the band Bostoph had formed THE TRUTH ABOUT SEAFOOD.

1996 also found the band pushed back into the public arena once more although unwittingly when the band's music was cited in a lawsuit as being a direct influence on the 1995 murder of a 15 year old girl, Elyse Marie Pahler. The teenager was kidnapped, tortured and killed by three members of a Black Metal band HATRED. Pahler had been butchered with a hunting knife and her corpse then subjected to necrophilia. The prosecution alleging that the band members were influenced by and inspired by SLAYER's lyrics from the track 'Necrophiliac'. The findings of the court were due to be heard in 2001.

SLAYER came up with new product in 1998 with the 'Diabolus In Musica' album and appeared on the bill of the 'Ozzfest show' at Milton Keynes during June. 'Diabolus In Musica' opened with 46,000 units sold in its first week of sale in the USA, debuting at number 31 on the national Billboard charts. The group had been scheduled to appear on the American dates but the spot on the bill eventually went to MEGADETH.

In 1999 SLAYER teamed up with Berlin Techno-Punks ATARI TEENAGE RIOT to mould the track 'No Remorse (I Wanna Die') for the 'Godzilla' movie soundtrack. 2000 saw SLAYER contributing their take on 'Hand Of Doom' for the BLACK SABBATH tribute album 'Nativity In Black 2'. Araya had also been writing material with Max Cavalera of SOULFLY, the track 'Terrorist' being featured on SOULFLY's 2000 album. Not to be outdone King features a guest guitar solo on the cut 'Goddamned Electric' from PANTERA's 2000 album 'Reinventing The Steel'.

SLAYER included the track 'Bloodline' on the movie soundtrack album 'Dracula 2000'.

As 2001 broke the band finally saw the case against them for having influenced the death of the teenager, Elyse Marie Pahler, in 1995 thrown out. SLAYER were rooted in the recording studio in Vancouver laying down the Matt Hyde produced new album prior to hooking up with PANTERA for the 'Extreme Steel' American tour.

Early leaks that the album was to be titled 'Soundtrack To The Apocalypse' proved false as the succinct 'God Hates Us All' was duly chosen. The album cover artwork, a blood-soaked bible punctured by nails, was apparently deemed unacceptable to display in many major retail outlets and so many copies had the original concept disguised by a false cover depicting four gold crosses on a plain white background. Quite unbelievably, 'God Hates Us All' was released on September 11th, 2001. This horrific coincidence resulted in many stores pulling the album from the shelves for fear of protest at the title.

European festival billings, dubbed the 'Tattoo The Planet' dates originally in alliance with PANTERA, BIOHAZARD, VISION OF DISORDER and STATIC X, were far from trouble free. Following the September 11th terrorist attacks PANTERA pulled out of the tour leaving SLAYER to remain behind as headliners.

Guitarist Kerry King rounded off the year by guesting on the track 'Final Prayer For The Human Race' on the 2002 HATEBREED album 'Perseverance'. Less welcome news for Bostaph would be an aggravating wrist condition which forced his exit from the band. This statement would be strongly refuted by the ex-drummer. Bostaph subsequently enrolled into the SYSTEMATIC ranks and would later re-join TESTAMENT.

SLAYER kept it in the family by re-inducting their illustrious former colleague DAVE LOMBARDO back into the fold, albeit announcing this move as a temporary measure. It would soon emerge that the hot contender to secure the job would be none other than Proscriptor McGovern (ne 'Emperor Proscriptor Magikus' a.k.a. Russ Givens), leader of ancestral Black Metal band ABSU. Other close candidates would be erstwhile SOULFLY member Joe Nunez, who's family reportedly baulked at the idea of his joining SLAYER, as well as DYING FETUS and MISERY INDEX man Kevin Talley. Another surprise candidate would be BLINK-182's Travis Barker who revealed in later months that his services had been requested by SLAYER.

SLAYER, complete with Lombardo manning the drum kit, would donate a cover version to the NASCAR sponsored 'Crank It Up' compilation in the summer of 2002. DEEP PURPLE's 'Highway Star' was apparently first choice but then switched to the aptly titled ALICE COOPER vintage classic 'Under My Wheels'. Within days SLAYER's choice of cover for this soundtrack had changed again to STEPPENWOLF's 'Born To Be Wild' whilst TYPE O NEGATIVE took over the mantle for 'Highway Star'. Araya also made his presence felt on the HENRY ROLLINS assembled 'West Memphis Three' benefit album 'Rise Above', lending lead vocals to a version of BLACK FLAG's 'Revenge'.

SLAYER would be announced as headliners of the American 'H82K2' festivals alongside IN FLAMES and SOULFLY. The band would also be confirmed as one of the headline attractions at the mammoth 'Beast Fest' event in Japan during December of 2002. Lombardo, still maintaining membership of SLAYER, revealed plans to record a solo album comprising entirely of drum solos. He would also act as session drummer on new recordings by Finnish cellists APOCALYPTICA.

A lengthy string of US Jagermeister sponsored headline dates commencing 9th October and running through until mid December saw HATEBREED and ARCH ENEMY as support acts. Regional guests included E-TOWN CONCRETE, HEMLOCK, LAZY AMERICAN WORKERS, SWORN ENEMY, SKINLAB, FIVE FEET THICK and DRY KILL LOGIC. In the midst of this live activity the band issued a lavish 5 CD box set entitled 'Soundtrack To The Apocalypse', this collection comprising tracks spanning every SLAYER album. Also included would be songs previously only available as Japanese bonus cuts and live DVD material. A limited edition 'Deluxe' version, housed in a fake blood and floating skulls package (!) came with an extra CD of a full length concert from SLAYER's 2002 'God Hates Us All' tour stop in Anaheim, California, wall banner and replica backstage laminate.

In early 2004 Lombardo also put in a recording session for the soundtrack to the remake of the splatter film classic 'Dawn Of The Dead'. The drummer also issued the 'Incorporated' album from his other act GRIP INC. Dave Lombardo got some unexpected extra exposure when he acted as a quickfire stand in for a missing Lars Ulrich for METALLICA's Castle Donington 'Download' festival performance. Lombardo opened proceedings with playing 'Battery' and 'Four Horsemen' before SLIPKNOT's Joey Jordison tackled the remainder of the set.

SLAYER would be confirmed for the mammoth US 'Ozzfest' festivals that Summer, featuring on a billing with OZZY OSBOURNE, JUDAS PRIEST, DIMMU BORGIR, HATEBREED, SLIPKNOT and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. The band also scheduled 'Off-fest' headline dates aligned with JUDAS PRIEST and HATEBREED along the way. A brief burst of Canadian dates in June saw the band hooked up with DAMAGEPLAN and OTEP.

A special show in Augusta, Georgia on 11th July would be filmed for the Dean Karr directed DVD release 'Reign in Blood Live: Still Reigning', the band running through the entire track listing of the landmark 'Reign In Blood' album. Specially re-instated for these dates would be the bands 80s eagle backdrops and inverted crucifix lighting rig. The band promised something extra special for fans as an encore, duly delivering by literally raining down fake blood from the light rig during 'Raining Blood', soaking the entire band and their gear.

SLAYER's September 1st gig at Myrtle Beach in South Carlina was cancelled when frontman, Tom Araya, was apparently rushed to a hospital suspected of suffering from kidney stones. Returning to Europe, SLAYER acted as co-headliners with SLIPKNOT with support act HATEBREED for the October tour dubbed 'The Unholy Alliance'. Araya hit more problems in Europe though, completely losing his voice mid set during a show in Munich, Germany on 27th September. Although HATEBREED's Jamey Jasta took on lead vocals for 'Raining Blood' the band was forced to cut their show short.

A rapid return to the US saw the band invited back to headline a further run of Jagermeister Music tour over KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and MASTODON, shows kicking off on the 29th October in Springfield, Missouri. Touring across Europe with SLAYER, Lombardo also made to time to put in individual drum clinic solo performances en route. Intriguingly, Lombardo, in collaboration with DJ SPOOKY, would also be assembling a studio project entitled 'Drums Of Death', described as a "homage to Def Jam's pioneering rock-rap fusions of the '80s", with MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO's Jack Dangers acting as producer and guitarist Vernon Reid of LIVING COLOUR guesting. The drummer also made time to guest on Finnish classical Metal act APOCALYPTICA's 2005 album, featuring on the track 'Betrayal'.

The quartet, together with engineer Josh Abraham, entered studios in Los Angeles on February 28th to cut a new record. Upfront promotion novelly came with an EP release, entitled 'Eternal Pyre' and featuring album track 'Cult', which was only available exclusively through Hot Topic stores in the USA. Released as a single in Finland, 'Eternal Pyre' hit no. 2 in the national charts. An "exclusive remix" version of 'Eyes Of The Insane' was included on the 'Saw III' horror movie soundtrack released through Warcon Enterprises.

Summer 2006 US headliners commencing in June, dubbed the "Unholy Alliance - Preaching To The Perverted" tour, saw MASTODON, LAMB OF GOD, CHILDREN OF BODOM and THINE EYES BLEED as support. Early dates were re-scheduled after Tom Araya underwent gallbladder surgery, requiring time to recuperate.

'Christ Illusion' sold over 62,000 copies in its first week of release to land at number 5 on the US album charts, their highest ever domestic position. The album also landed in the top ten in Australia and just missed out on the top spot in both Germany and Finland. Notably, SLAYER was set to co-headline what was billed as "Hell and Heaven United" alongside arch nemesis STRYPER for the 'Monterrey Metal Fest', on September 23rd at the Coca Cola Auditorium in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. However, they then pulled out, quoting "personal reasons".

The European leg of the 'Unholy Alliance', comprising SLAYER, IN FLAMES, CHILDREN OF BODOM, LAMB OF GOD and THINE EYES BLEED, undertook shows in October. That same month the album again sparked controversy when it was withdrawn from record stores across India after complaints from a Christian group, the Mumbai-based Catholic Secular Forum who objected to both the album artwork and the lyrics of 'Jihad' and 'Skeleton Christ', describing them as "an insult to Christianity".

On November 8th SLAYER paid a visit to the 52nd Services Squadron at Spangdahlem U.S. Air Force Base in Germany, the band's first-ever visit to a military base.

SLAYER made its first-ever network television appearance on ABC-TV's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' show on January 19th 2007, performing in front of a 1,000 fans on an outdoor stage in Hollywood, California. The group announced Australian and New Zealand shows for April, supported by MASTODON. In February SLAYER was honored with a Grammy in the "Best Metal Performance" category for the song 'Eyes Of The Insane'.

The band cut the new track 'Psychopathy Red', inspired by by the heinous Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo (a.k.a. "The Rostov Ripper) who confessed to brutally murdering 56 children, during October 2008. 'Psychopathy Red' was finally made available as a 7 inch vinyl disc on Saturday, 8th April 2009 as part of the third annual Record Store Day. Only 5,000 of these limited edition discs were manufactured worldwide, being available exclusively at participating independent record stores. The 'Psychopathy Red' collectors item, pressed naturally on blood red vinyl, was packaged in special Russian crime scene "evidence envelope"artwork.

in early June SLAYER revealed the title of their Greg Fidelman produced album as 'World Painted Blood'. The band co-headlined four shows in Canada alongside MEGADETH in late June dubbed 'Canadian Carnage', will also featured MACHINE HEAD and SUICIDE SILENCE, seeing MEGADETH and SLAYER each closing two of the four shows. SLAYER subsequently co-headlined alongside MARILYN MANSON on the five-week 'Rockstar Energy Mayhem' festival, kicking off on 10th July in Sacramento, California.

SLAYER and MEGADETH paired up again for New Zealand and Australian shows in October, commencing on Monday, 5th October at the Logan Campbell Centre in Auckland. Local support came from DOUBLE DRAGON. However, Tom Araya lost his voice during the 9th October Melbourne concert, forcing the band to perform some tracks as instrumentals. Subsequently Araya was advised by his doctors not to perform at the Sunday, 11th October show at the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide, due to severe laryngitis. On 15th October SLAYER performed the entire 'Reign In Blood' album at Luna Park in Sydney.

MEGADETH, SLAYER and TESTAMENT pulled resources together for a US tour commencing 18th January 2010. 

Garry Sharpe-Young

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