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Solo work ex-GRAND THEFT vocalist Kelle Rhoads, the brother of QUIET RIOT and OZZY OSBOURNE guitar legend Randy Rhoads the band became simply RHOADS for the full-length 1986 album. Kelle Rhoads real name is in fact Doug Rhoads, this being the name in which he played drums in VIOLET FOX, Randy Rhoads pre-QUIET RIOT act. Musicians on the 1985 'Cheap Talkin' Romance' mini-album are guitarist Steve Sunnarborg, ex-QUIET RIOT bassist Kelly Garni and drummer Glen Noyes.

Rhoads employed a complete about change for his 1986 effort 'Into The Future'. Joining him were guitarists Steve Ely and John Goodwin, bassist Darwin Ballard and ex-GRAND THEFT drummer Nick Menza, the latter would be finding fame in later life as part of MEGADETH.

Guitarist Steve Sunnarborg later figured in HELL'S KITCHEN and TEMPEST.

During 2009 it was learned Kelle Rhoads was playing keyboards in a new project featuring guitarist Wayne Findlay, of the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUPP, bassist Kelly Garni, of QUIET RIOT, plus WAYSTED members vocalist Fin Muir and drummer Scotty Phillips.

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