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One of the in vogue crop of young guitar heroes, Connecticut born Chris Impellitteri has impressed many with his speed and dexterity allied with obvious classical leanings. Unlike many of his ilk Impellitteri has also found enduring appreciation for his songwriting ability and not just his fretwork.

Having cut his teeth playing in the club band VICE (a quality three track demo being a career highlight with that group), Chris relocated to Los Angeles. After much frustration, eventually recorded a mini-album released through his own Polytour label from recordings made with engineer Mikey Davis over a four day period. Former VICE, JOSHUA and DRIVER vocalist ROB ROCK along with the lesser known drummer Loni Silva, from Willie Basse's BLACK SHEEP, both contributed to the project.

The second album, 1988's 'Stand In Line', released by Music For Nations, was promoted as a band effort under the name IMPELLITERI. It was bolstered by further big names in ex-RAINBOW and MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP vocalist GRAHAM BONNET, erstwhile QUIET RIOT and GIUFFRIA bassist Chuck Wright, ex-DRIVER and FINAL NOTICE keyboard player Phil Wolfe (who would later tour with W.A.S.P.) and ex-TED NUGENT drummer Pat Torpey.

As Chuck Wright joined HOUSE OF LORDS and Pat Torpey hooked up with MR. BIG, the duo were succeeded by former AMERICADE, WHITE LION and BLACK SABBATH man Dave 'The Beast' Spitz and the lesser known Stet Howland respectively (later of W.A.S.P.). This line-up toured Japan and put in a handful of North American gigs before sacking Bonnet. A brief replacement would be JEFF SCOTT SOTO. Impelliterri, Spitz and Howland began work on a new project in 1990 with the L.A. ROCKS, ODIN, AMERICADE and MALICE credited vocalist Mark Weitz and former ROUGH CUTT and DIO keyboard player Claude Schnell. Both Dave Spitz and Stet Howland then opted out to create SLAM NATION. Spitz subsequently worked with GREAT WHITE on their 'Psycho City' record and NUCLEAR ASSAULT.

1992 saw the release of the 'Grin And Bear It' album which found Impellitterri and a returned Rock joined by Wright once again and FIFTH ANGEL, ALICE COOPER and CHASTAIN drummer Ken Mary.

For the 1993 EP, 'Victim Of The System', Wright's position had been taken permanently by James Amelio Pulli and former TYRUS and BONE ANGEL man Mark Bistany took over the drum stool. This line-up remained stable for the follow up album 'Answer To The Master'.

With 1996's 'Screaming Symphony' Opus IMPELLITTERI finalized their line up by adding ex-NEIL MERRYWEATHER and FATES WARNING keyboard player Edward Harris Roth. The new man still busied himself with his other act STEELHEART and issued an eponymous solo album on J Bird Records in 1998. Under the pseudonym of 'Moke', Bistany would team up with the Virgin signed CELLOPHANE and later Art Nu-Metal act OTEP.

IMPELLITERRI from the mid 90's onwards utilized Ken Mary for studio drums but enlisted Glen Sobel, previously with TONY McALPINE, for all touring work. The 2000 album 'Crunch' found Sobel behind the drum kit in the studio and a speed instrumental version of the BLACK SABBATH anthem 'Black Sabbath'. Also back in the ranks was GRAHAM BONNET. Mary rejoined HOUSE OF LORDS the same year. ROB ROCK issued a solo album during 2000.

During April of 2001 both Harris Roth and Sobel teamed up with former SHOUT and TAMPLIN vocalist Tamplin, QUIET RIOT bassist Rudy Sarzo and ex-LION vocalist DOUG ALDRICH in their project CRUSADE. Meantime, Sobel would also join Sleaze Rock outfit BEAUTIFUL CREATURES whilst retaining his position with his main band.

The 2002 'System X' album would be announced as being recorded by the familiar line up of Graham Bonnet, Chris Impellitteri, James Amelio Pulli, Edward Harris Roth and Glen Sobel. However, Bonnet would then pull out, leaving the band in stasis. Only in September of 2003 was ex-FEAR NO EVIL singer Curtis Skelton enrolled into the group's ranks to complete the 'Pedal To the Metal' album sessions. The album saw a long overdue release in North America and Europe in early 2005 via SPV Records, the US version featuring an altered song list commencing with 'The Iceman Cometh'.

IMPELLITERRI drafted bassist Marty O'Brien of the TOMMY LEE band, METHODS OF MAYHEM and KILGORE repute for Japanese shows in July of 2004. The guitarist, alongside his former colleague singer ROB ROCK, re-assembled their eighties act VICE to put in a one off reunion concert on 8th October 2005 at JoAnna's Café in Somers, Connecticut. That same month Chris Impellitteri revealed he had joined a "mystery" Los Angeles based band. Glen Sobel joined up with the reformed SHARK ISLAND to record their comeback album 'Gathering Of The Faithful'.

German label Metal Heaven released the 'Wicked Maiden' album in Europe on 24th April 2009. Ulterium Records released a limited edition 12" vinyl picture disc edition of 'Wicked Maiden' on 4th August, limited to 250 copies.

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