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Out of keeping with the Los Angeles Glam explosion, JUNKYARD purveyed a simplistic down to earth, garage Rock n' Roll attitude that set them apart. The band was created when guitarist Chris Gates relocated to Los Angeles from his native Austin, Texas where he had been in Punk act THE BIG BOYS. Originally the 1987 version of the band was titled THE STRAPPADOS and saw Gates alongside fellow Texans guitarist Max Gottlieb and drummer Jon Howard, both previous members of THE RAVONS and MAX & THE MAKE UPS.

Guitarist Brian Baker was the only member of the band who had any substantial recording experience, the man previously being a member of Washington's Punk outfits THE MEATMEN, DAG NASTY and MINOR THREAT. Drummer Pat Muzingo was previously with DECRY.

Signing to Geffen in January 1988, JUNKYARD finally released debut product the following year. The debut self-titled album, produced by Tom Werman and engineered by Duane Baron, featured guest guitar from DAVID BOWIE man EARL SLICK, then in the throes of putting DIRTY WHITE BOY together, and Duane Roland of Southern giants MOLLY HATCHET. The veteran session man Al Kooper also added keyboard work. The sophomore 'Sixes, Sevens And Nines', produced by Ed Stasium, surfaced in 1991. European touring in 1992 saw the band opening for THE ALMIGHTY.

Baker departed to join BAD RELIGION. JUNKYARD's second album saw ex-DECRY and KILL FOR THRILLS man Todd Muscat taking Baker's role. Demos for a projected third album were recorded but JUNKYARD opted to leave the label to search for pastures new. Their search proved fruitless however and the band folded. Demos for the unreleased third album were released for sale over the internet.

Roach founded BORRACHO with PROMISE guitarist Ted Hutt and DOGS D'AMOUR guitarist Jo Dog. Guitarist Chris Gates forged 99LBS. Drummer Pat Muzingo formed CATFISH with Eric Stacy of FASTER PUSSYCAT then BATTERY CLUB with MTV's Rikki Rachtman. Muzingo's later acts included SUCKERPUNCH with guitarist Tim Mosher and SPEEDBUGGY with former NOFX guitarist Steve Kidwiler and ex-SUGARTOOTH frontman Tim Gruse.

JUNKYARD reformed in 2000 with Roach, Gates, Muscat, Anthony and Muzingo. For Japanese dates JUNKYARD enlisted DOGS D'AMOUR guitarist Jo Dog (Joe Almeida). Roach founded the kickabout live act GUTTER GANGSTER ALL STARS in late 2000 with former GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler and PRETTY BOY FLOYD and SHAMELESS guitarist Steve Summers.

JUNKYARD would still be rated as a going concern in 2004 although Chris Gates was performing gigs and issuing albums with CHARTER BULLDOGS and Muzingo was deputizing for THE CHEATIN' KIND. Pat Muzingo also hooked up with former ROXX GANG guitarist Stacey Blades and SUPERCOOL singer Lantz to forge SMACK. David Roach was involved with Santa Barbara's CRUSTER.

During 2008 Anyone Music issued the album 'Put It On Ten And Pull The Knobs Off!', actually a set of studio demos recorded during 1997.

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