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1984 to 1992

With thousands of hopefuls as competition, WARRANT was one of a handful of bands to emerge from the 80's Los Angeles Glam scene to score any real commercial success. Although the band undoubtedly had the image required at that time to succeed they also benefited greatly from the songwriting skills of singer Jani Lane (real name John Oswald). The singer had once played drums in a band back in Akron, Ohio fronted by Gigi Hangach, later of PHANTOM BLUE fame. Lane's 1982 band CYREN included vocalist Scott Hammonds, guitarist John Weakland, bassist Dan Hoover (later supplanted by Rusty Fohner) with Lane on drums.

Relocating to Florida the singer joined the ranks of DORIAN GRAY as drummer during 1983. He adopted the Jani Lane handle whilst in the ranks of PLAIN JANE alongside drummer Steven 'Stickee' Sweet (real name Steven Chamberlain) after the pair had moved to Los Angeles, taking odd jobs to survive. Struggling to survive as a musician, Lane resorting to working in a porn video warehouse at one time.

During 1984 both Joey Allen and Erik Turner had been members of KNIGHTMARE II. WARRANT was founded in early 1984 by vocalist Adam Shore and drummer Max Asher (real name Max Masursky). Following a handful of gigs bassist Jerry Dixon was added. Turner was pulled in in July after he answered an advert. WARRANT was rounded off by guitarist Josh Lewis (real name Josh Cohen) and drummer Max Asher. The band gigged hard in California opening for the likes of HURRICANE, TED NUGENT, STRYPER, BLACK N' BLUE and ODIN among others.

In September of 1986 both Shore and Asher quit to create HOT WHEELZ. Asher later went on to DADDY RAY. Many disparate members came and went before Lane and Sweet provided the right chemistry for the band's rapid rise through up into the arenas. Lewis was to depart in March of 1987 for GRACE PERIOD.

The group quickly began to set records in the Los Angeles clubs as they established themselves as the band in the city of angels. In March of 1987 WARRANT enlisted guitarist Joey Allen (real name Joey Cagle). Strangely PRINCE took an interest in WARRANT at this stage and the band cut demos for his Paisley Park organization.

With major labels started taking an interest and after recording tracks for A&M Records the band also put in a showing on the movie soundtrack to 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'. Eventually it was announced that Columbia had snapped up the band. Lane immediately blew his advance on a black Corvette which he promptly crashed in true Rock n' Roll WARRANT opened their campaign in September billed with D'MOLLS followed by dates with BRITNY FOX.

The label immediately arranged for them to work with the in demand Beau Hill as producer on what would become the 'Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich' album issued in February 1989.

Allied to heavy touring with the likes of POISON, QUEENSRYCHE, CINDERELLA and KINGDOM COME alongside huge MTV coverage, WARRANT scored two huge hit singles with 'Heaven' (number 2 in the America) and 'Sometimes She Cries' (number 20). The first single, 'Down Boys', had reached the almost equally heady heights of number 27.

'Heaven' took the record company by surprise and the band were actually instructed to re-record the track to lend it a bigger radio sound. The first quarter of a million copies of the album featured the original version while later pressings held the new version.

However, the album's release caused some degree of controversy as not only were WARRANT accused of ripping off songs by other artists but both Turner and Allen were claimed to have not played a note on the album, all guitar work allegedly being performed by ex STREETS guitarist Mike Slamer. Nevertheless, by the end of the year the album had shipped platinum.

The band's momentum at this point carried them to further success with the much anticipated 'Cherry Pie' album in 1990. Once more produced by Beau Hill, the album's title track was released as the first single and immediately propelled itself to a top 10 placing in the American singles chart.

The album had tentatively been titled 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' after the original opening track. However, the label wanted an 'anthem' track, resulting in Lane coming up with 'Cherry Pie' and the track not only became the lead cut and the title track. The video for the song employed model cum actress Bobby Brown, who Lane would soon marry. Initial copies of 'Cherry Pie' also included a hidden track 'Ode To Tipper Gore', a wry statement on the endeavours of the P.M.R.C.

The group initially toured North America opening for POISON after the release of the album and the success of the 'Cherry Pie' single kicked in. Needless to say, the group would soon be headlining after it became clear that WARRANT was enjoying a greater profile at the time than their Los Angeles based compatriots.

WARRANT guested for DAVID LEE ROTH in Europe but had to return home after Lane suffered broken ribs. During the close of a show in Birmingham the singer jumped offstage, landing on a box. By March of 1991 they were back in action headlining in America on their 'Blood, Sweat And Beers' tour supported by TRIXTER and FIREHOUSE. By the close of the year 'Cherry Pie' had shifted 3 million copies in the states.

Taking a diversion from WARRANT business, JANI LANE took time out to produce 1991 demos for RISQUE, a band featuring his former PLAYNE JANE colleague, bassist Alley.

1992's Michael Wagener produced 'Dog Eat Dog' eschewed the Pop Metal theme of 'Cherry Pie', WARRANT opting to get back to their Metallic roots with an image to match. The record, despite generally being considered to be the strongest to date, fared badly. The band toured with guests LYNCH MOB but the album failed to attain the platinum status of its predecessors. Nevertheless, it was ironic that the poor showing of the new album in America led to the band finally making it over to Europe for a number of shows on the IRON MAIDEN headlined 'Monsters Of Rock' festivals where the group acquitted themselves well.

Amusingly, one of the band's best performances occurred in front of a crowd in Milan, Italy where reception was expected to be the most hostile. The situation had been stirred up by DANZIG's Glen Danzig who, in the weeks building up to the show, had encouraged fans to throw as many objects at the band as possible. Interestingly, DANZIG was kicked off the bill at the eleventh hour and, in the event, little was thrown at the stage.

WARRANT also cut two tracks for the 'Gladiator' movie in a cover version of QUEEN's anthem 'We Will Rock You' and 'The Power'. Lane also took the time to act as producer for the SLAMMIN' GLADYS eponymous album.

Unfortunately, poor reaction at retail to 'Dog Eat Dog' led to a parting of the ways with Columbia and WARRANT would also split for a period with Jani Lane. With the singer's departure in February 1993 Columbia dropped the band the following month.

1993 to 2007

Opting to pursue a solo career in 1993, JANI LANE intended to establish himself as a singer / songwriter and head in a more acoustical based direction. To that end, Lane found himself writing with JULIAN LENNON, Todd Meagher and ex-WINGER member Paul Taylor and described his new material as being in the vein of DON HENLEY or JOHN MELLENCAMP. Working with producer Shay Baby, Lane cut a three song demo in the Summer of 1993 with keyboard player Dave White who had played with WARRANT on the 'Dog Eat Dog' tour. Also included were the ex-KINGDOM COME and WILD HORSES duo of guitarist Rick Steier and drummer James Kottak.

Lane would quickly begin to miss his colleagues in WARRANT and would soon rejoin the group. Although the group was now back to full strength, a few months down the line Joey Allen decided to leave and Steven Sweet followed shortly after.

By 1994 Allen had founded the JOEY ALLEN PROJECT with a band comprising Allen on guitar, JONAS HANSSON BAND vocalist Stanley Rose, bassist Thumper, and drummer Chopper. A later version of this endeavour numbered Allen on guitar, bass, and drum programming with Randy Py on vocals, Pete DeMarzo on bass and Todd Lane on drums. Material was recorded but never issued commercially.

Jani Lane put forward the idea of teaming up with Steier and Kottak and were immediately put to work to help concoct a new WARRANT record. Keyboardist Dave White was also permanently enrolled as the new band toured in America whilst Lane extricated himself from his solo deal with Columbia. WARRANT found themselves releasing the new album through the independent label C.M.C. International. The new album, 'Ultraphobic' (produced by a returning Beau Hill) saw WARRANT acknowledging the Grunge phenomenon with a record that openly admitted to a Seattle influence, although was still a natural progression from the hard edged 'Dog Eat Dog'. By the time the album was released, Lane had split from wife Bobby who had left him for, what would be, a short-term relationship with M?TLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee. Fans tended to read more into the melancholic nature of the songs, although Lane claimed that his marital problems had not influenced the writing process. WARRANT got back into gear touring in America, Japan and Europe.

Kottak quit mid-way through the 'Ultraphobic' tour and was replaced by ex-BEGGERS AND THIEVES and LEFT FOR DEAD drummer Bobby Borg. Kottak returned to Los Angeles where he proceeded to form KRUNK with erstwhile HARDLY DANGEROUS drummer Athena Bass (the sister of M?TLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee). Kottak turned his hand to vocal chores and took on the identity of Jimmy Ratchitt and would marry Athena soon after. Kottak also joined the SCORPIONS as a replacement for Herman Rarebell.

Adopting the official handle of WARRANT 96 (in order to signify the group's new musical direction), the group came up with the Grunge infested 'Belly To Belly - Volume One' album through C.M.C., a record that dispensed with the Melodic Rock niceties of previous works. WARRANT returned to live action in 1997 opening for ALICE COOPER in America alongside label mates DOKKEN and SLAUGHTER in many of the arenas the supporting groups had previously headlined. WARRANT keyboard player Scott Warren would later join the reformed BERLIN.

The original line-up of WARRANT were rumoured to be reforming in 1998 with the carrot in the form of a Sony recording contract being dangled by legendary A&R man John Kalodner in front of them. The reality of the situation was that whilst Erik Turner (taken to jamming with the group on occasion) and Joey Allen expressed an interest, Steven Sweet remained undecided. The group thus began 1998 with a line-up of Lane, Steier, Dixon, keyboard player Danny Wagner and ex-ENUFF Z' NUFF and VINCE NEIL band drummer Vikki Foxx, Borg having opted out to pursue a successful career in publishing. Lane was also ready to present his side project JABBERWOCKY during the year. Featured members were Steier, Wagner, Bruce Robinson and ex-KROKUS drummer Jeff Klaven. JABBERWOCKY put in live work including shows in Brazil.

1998 found WARRANT on tour in America as part of 'The Rock Never Stops' package alongside FIREHOUSE, QUIET RIOT and L.A. GUNS. DANNY WAGNER issued a solo album 'Thirteen'. ERIK TURNER also cut a solo album 'Demos For Hardcores', which saw contributions from his former WARRANT colleagues plus members of SOUTHGANG and BLACK N' BLUE. WARRANT also aided the ROD STEWART tribute album 'Forever Mod'.

A further outside release was credited to HOLLYWOOD UNDERGROUND and found all of the WARRANT membership involved alongside JEFF SCOTT SOTO, Butch Walker and Jesse Hart of SOUTHGANG, Kelly Keagy of NIGHTRANGER, Todd Poole of ROXY BLUE, Tommy Thayer of BLACK N' BLUE, David Brooks of SLAMMIN' GLADYS, Bruce Nauman of HERICANE ALICE, Michael Mulholland of MEDICINE WHEEL and ex-KEEL and COLD SWEAT guitarist MARC FERRARI.

The 1999 'Latest And Greatest' album saw new songs sharing space with remixed tracks and the band's most popular tunes completely re-recorded.

As Foxx joined the BULLETBOYS 2000 found Lane fronting a club jam band PHUCKET alongside RATT men guitarist Keri Kelli, bassist Robbie Crane and drummer Bobby Blotzer. The band were also 'honoured' when Pop-Punk band NEW FOUND GLORY covered 'Heaven'.

WARRANT toured America in 2000 on a billing with RATT and L.A. GUNS. New faces in the ranks were DAD'S PORNO MAG drummer (and former GUNS N' ROSES drum tech) Mike Fasano and former RATT man Keri Kelli on guitar. The latter would be replaced by ex-KIDD WICKED, JEANNINE ST. CLAIR and THE GLORIOUS THINGS Cleveland native Billy Morris before the tour end.

WARRANT, promoting a new covers record 'Under The Influence', hit the arenas in mid 2001 as part of the POISON headlined 'Glam Slam Metal Jam' sharing billing with QUIET RIOT and ENUFF Z'NUFF. The new record found WARRANT paying homage to AEROSMITH's 'Toys In The Attic', MICHAEL MONROE's 'Dead, Jail Or Rock n' Roll', QUEEN's 'Tie Your Mother Down', DAVID BOWIE's 'Suffragette City', NAZARETH's 'Hair Of The Dog' and CHEAP TRICK's 'Surrender'. It also emerged in 2001 that Rik Turner, Jerry Dixon and Danny Wagner formed the backbone of a recording band for a BON JOVI tribute album. Among the guesting vocalists Jani Lane laid down his rendition of 'Lay Your Hands On Me'.

WARRANT, with Jani Lane now proudly sporting a radical blonde Mohican haircut, would be back on the road during the summer of 2002 as part of the 'Metal Edge Rockfest' tour. Kicking off on June 20th at the West Fargo, North Dakota Red River Valley Fair the two month long string of dates found the band on a co-billing with L.A. GUNS, RATT, FIREHOUSE and headliners DOKKEN. The success afforded the first leg of these shows would see this tour commencing a second round of gigs in Seattle on August 7th, eventually stretching out to mid September.

JANI LANE, working with a band comprising guitarist Matt Cleary, ex-DEFCON bass player Mark Matthews and drummer Adam Mercer, would issue a solo album entitled 'Back Down To One'. The bulk of the album material would be co-composed by his erstwhile WARRANT colleague Keri Kelli. Mike Fasano meantime found space to lay down drums on the SHAMELESS album 'Splashed'. Billy Morris would be ensconced in the studio too, working up a new band project in league with BLACK N' BLUE vocalist Jamie St. James.

It was learned in March of 2003 that guitarist Billy Morris had quit and that Mike Fasano too had lost his position. Nevertheless, the band, now including former DEFCON and SLAMMIN' GLADYS keyboard player Shawn Zavodney, would be on the road once more as part of the WHITESNAKE headed 'Rock Never Stops' US summer tour alongside SLAUGHTER and KIP WINGER. Erik Turner took time out to deputise with SUKI JONES, the band of former GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler, for a rash of East Coast dates in May.

WARRANT headline gigs in September would be curtailed when bassist Jerry Dixon injured his back after a show in Wooster, Ohio. As 2004 opened JANI LANE unexpectedly quit the band. The remaining band members vowed to carry on under the WARRANT banner. In February the band re-installed former drummer Mike Fasano and, in a surprise move, pulled in Jaime St. James of BLACK N' BLUE as their new frontman. The new look act soon got back into action, putting in an inaugural gig supporting NIGHT RANGER on 3rd March at Riverfront Park on Daytona Beach, Florida. Surprisingly, following just one gig, Fasano was ejected and former drummer Steven Sweet re-enrolled. Unfortunately for JANI LANE, his first batch of solo shows, in Michigan, would be stopped by legal action from his former band mates objecting to the use of the WARRANT band logo on his posters.

To coincide with this renewed activity, the Columbia label re-issued both 'Cherry Pie' and 'Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich' in April, each record coming complete with bonus tracks. 'Cherry Pie' added an unreleased 1988 demo 'Game Of War' plus 'The Power' from the 1992 'Gladiator' movie. 'Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich' hosted extra 1988 demos of 'Only A Man' and 'All Night Long'.

WARRANT commenced recording a new studio album, 'Born Again', with producer Pat Regan in February 2005. The group debuted two new numbers, 'Rollercoaster' and 'Dirty Jack', at their May sold-out Hollywood House of Blues show. In July it emerged Joey Allen was tracking new material in partnership with FORTE, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP and BLACK SYMPHONY bassist Rev Jones.

With a new album, 'Born Again' produced by Pat Regan, recorded, WARRANT went back on the road although Joey Allen temporarily stepped down from road work. Taking his place would be former WILDSIDE and VINCE NEIL band man Brent Woods. The band signed to German label MTM Music in December.

Guitarist Billy Morris joined QUIET RIOT in February 2006. In early 2007 the band announced they were to team up with L.A. GUNS and FIREHOUSE for the '80s Invasion' North American tour. A stripped down acoustic version of 'Heaven', credited solely to JANI LANE, was contributed to the 'VH1 Metal Mania Stripped Volume 3' compilation album issued through Sidewinder Music in March 2007.

MTM Music set an April 20th European release date for the DVD 'Born Again D.V.D. Delvis Video Diaries', which featured twelve new video interpretations of the 'Born Again' album songs with video edits from Jerry Dixon, Steven Sweet and Tommy Thayer plus studio footage. That July the band appeared at a once in a lifetime gathering of 80s Rock acts dubbed 'Rocklahoma', a three-day outdoor festival held in Pryor, Oklahoma, sharing the billing with RATT, VINCE NEIL, POISON, SLAUGHTER, QUIET RIOT, WINGER, DOKKEN, JACKYL, FASTER PUSSYCAT, ENUFF Z'NUFF, STEELHEART, 36 INCHES, Y&T, FIREHOUSE, BULLETBOYS, BANG TANGO and GREAT WHITE.

In January 2008 it was revealed Jani Lane had rejoined. This version of the band announced touring the USA in June 2008 alongside LYNCH MOB, CINDERELLA and LYNAM However, the dates were scrapped when CINDERELLA's Tom Keifer's left vocal cord hemorrhaged during pre-production rehearsals.

After a series of erratic shows, culminating in a final concert at the 31st August 'Rock The Bayou' festival during which Lane appeared to be incoherent onstage, on 5th September a band statement was issued dismissing Jani Lane from the band, reading "It is with the deepest regret that we have to announce that Jani Lane will no longer be performing with WARRANT".That same day the group announced that Robert Mason, of BIG COCK, MAGNUM and LYNCH MOB, was to join the band. WARRANT got back into touring immediately, debuting their new frontman on 9th September in Tucson, Arizona at the Casino Del Sol supporting ALICE COOPER, then performing on the 19th at Maplewood, Minnesotta's The Myth with TRIXTER and 17th October in Tyler, Texas at the The Oil Palace with QUEENSRYCHE and KIP WINGER.

WARRANT's classic '80s hit song 'Cherry Pie' was featured in a TV commercial for Arby's, a fast-food restaurant chain in the United States and Canada during 2009.

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