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UNITED STATES, California, Los Osos

Date Formed 1993

Categories: Death Metal


DEEDS OF FLESH was forged by ex-T.H.C. and CHARLIE CHRIST members Jacoby Kingston, Eric Lindmark and drummer Joey Heaslet in 1993. Following the self financed 'Gradually Melting' EP DEEDS OF FLESH signed to Relapse Records for their sophomore effort 'Trading Pieces'.

With the issuing of third album 'Inbreeding The Anthropophagi' Heaslet made his exit and was supplanted by Brad Palmer. The band also pulled in erstwhile VILE guitarist Jim Tkacz.

Heaslet made his return for the 'Path Of The Weakening' album. This release would sell in excess of 15'000 copies and prompt lengthy bouts of touring in both North and South America after which Tkacz decamped. His position was filled by former PSYPHERIA and IMPALED guitarist Jared Deaver. Later in the year the drum stool was taken over by Mike Hamilton of VILE.

Kingston was unable to fulfill a November 1998 tour of Brazil necessitating the recruitment of DEPRECATED man Derek Boyer to fill in. With the recording of the 2001 album 'Mark Of The Legion', the band hit the road in July and August of on the MONSTROSITY led 'Bloodletting North America Pt. II' tour alongside Dutchmen PYAEMIA, ODIOUS SANCTION and SABBATIC FEAST. Jared Deaver though, then opted to make his exit, joining SEVERED SAVIOR. A swift replacement was named as Aaron Gustafson for DEEDS OF FLESH's billing on the April 2002 'Bloodletting North America III' tour alongside running mates DISGORGE, SEVERE TORTURE and DISAVOWED.

Taking the band into 2004 would be January European dates, the band packaged alongside HATE ETERNAL, DYING FETUS and PREJUDICE. Australian gigs that Summer, the band's first, saw Tazmanians PSYCROPTIC as support.

DEEDS OF FLESH cancelled a batch of gigs in February 2005 when both Jacoby Kingston and Mike Hamilton were injured in a fall from a 20 foot high balcony. The singer sustained a sprained ankle, fractured vertebrae and a compressed disk whilst the drummer suffered a broken arm.

The band lined up with MONSTROSITY, VILE and IMPALED for the 'Gutting Europe 4' European tour beginning in Poland during late March 2006. The group then partnered with DECREPIT BIRTH, VILE and ODIOUS MORTEM on the 'bloodletting North America V' tour of the USA in July 2006.

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