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A San Diego Christian Hardcore act employing the Grind edged vocals of singer Tim Lambesis and a distinct hint of Scandinavian guitar chug. The group, comprising scene veterans of Texan outfit SOCIETY'S FINEST, guitarist Tim Lambesis, NOTHING TO LOSE, THE FRONTLINE and EDGE OF MORTALITY, had been assembled during early 2001, initially employing the title LIFE ONCE LOST after the William Faulkner novel. The formative unit, including erstwhile THE FRONTLINE man Brandon Hays on bass, underwent a succession of membership shuffles but managed to record a demo, which garnered praise from Texan label Pluto Records. This encouragement resulted in the band finally stabilising its line-up, as a trio with Lambesis joined by guitarist Evan White and ex-EDGE OF MORTALITY drummer Jordan Mancino, and consequently switching title to AS I LAY DYING. The debut record, June 2001's 'Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes', would be promoted with tours backing the likes of POISON THE WELL, ZAO, CURL UP AND DIE, FALL SILENT, BLOODLET and LIVING SACRIFICE.

Early 2002 saw the band back in the studio, cutting tracks for a split outing shared with San Diego kinsman AMERICAN TRAGEDY. Expanding, the group then incorporated guitarist Jasun Krebs of EDGE OF MORTALITY, WREKKINGBALL and SCRATCHLINE repute. The band's work ethic and commitment had generated the interest of larger labels and in March of 2003 the group, inducting Aaron Kennedy into the bass position, signed to Metal Blade Records, with the album 'Frail Words Collapse', cut at Big Fish Studios in Encinitas, California and released that July, being the first fruits of this union. Impressively, the album sold more than 100,000 copies in the USA. However, AS I LAY DYING evolved once again with the acquisition of Chris Lindstrom on second guitar and bassist Clint Noris. On the live front, the band was partnered with SIX FEET UNDER and vehemently anti-Christian Polish act BEHEMOTH.

AS I LAY DYING united with Metal Blade label mates THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, alongside support EVERY TIME I DIE and SCARLET for North American gigs in March of 2004. Subsequently the band headed out for further gigs in April and May, headlining a package billing comprising CREMATORIUM, JUDAS CRADLE and MORTAL TREASON. UK gigs in December would be allied with LAMB OF GOD and THROWDOWN.

The band joined the SHADOWS FALL headed "Extreme Dojo Vol. 12" Japanese tour in early February 2005 alongside EVERYTIME I DIE. Subsequent shows with SHADOWS FALL took the band to Australia. AS I LAY DYING then hooked up with a further multi-package billing, dubbed 'Hell On Earth', for Autumn European touring alongside running mates HEAVEN SHALL BURN, EVERGREEN TERRACE, AGENTS OF MAN, END OF DAYS and NEAERA.

The album 'Shadows Are Security', produced by Lambesis and including ZAO's Dan Weyandt guesting on track 'Control Is Dead', arrived in June, selling over 33,000 copies in its first week of US sales to land at no. 35 on the Billboard charts. Predictably the group roster of musicians had changed once again, Lambesis, Mancino and Noris now joined by guitarists Phillip Sgrosso and Nick Hipa. The group formed up a three band billing with SLIPKNOT and UNEARTH for Autumn gigs.

Local recognition came in September when AS I LAY DYING were voted 'Artist Of The Year' at the Fifteenth Annual San Diego Music Awards. That same month the band shot a promotional video for the track 'Through Struggle', working with director Lex Halaby and shooting in the abandoned Los Angeles Morell Meats Lot. The group closed the year on a Winter run alongside MADBALL, NORMA JEAN and A LIFE ONCE LOST.

Throughout February and into April 2006 the band joined the 'Taste Of Chaos' US and Canadian festival tour alongside a mammoth billing comprising DEFTONES, ATREYU, THRICE, STORY OF THE YEAR, DREDG, SILVERSTEIN, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, PELICAN, , THE RECEIVING END OF SIRENS, THE CONFESSION, ADAIR, STREET DRUM CORPS, GREELEY ESTATES, MILLIONAIRE and THE SMASHUP. The group subsequently engaged in another gigantic roving festival billing with the 'Sounds Of The Underground' tour throughout the summer, commencing in Cleveland, Ohio on July 8th, partnered with IN FLAMES, TRIVIUM, CANNIBAL CORPSE, GWAR, TERROR, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, BEHEMOTH, THE CHARIOT and THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD. Throughout August the band joined the roving 'Vans Warped' tour.

AS I LAY DYING inducted new bassist Josh Gilbert, previously with Oceanside's ALL IN, during April 2007.

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