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A Reggae infused Nu-Metal act P.O.D. (PAYABLE UPON DEATH) have, since signing to the major Atlantic label, enjoyed a heady race to the upper echelons of the current Rock scene powered by two consecutive American number 1 albums. The San Diego based band began life in 1992 founded by guitar player Marcos Curiel, drummer Wuv (real name Noah Bernardo Jr.) and vocalist Sonny (real name Paul Sandoval). From the outset P.O.D. made no secret of their Christian outlook, their band logo a triptych device for the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

P.O.D. performed their debut gig as openers to FACE TO FACE and their second a New Year's Eve party supporting GREEN DAY. P.O.D. issued a string of self financed releases on their custom made Rescue Records label prior to finalizing their line-up with the addition of bassist Traa. Through their own efforts P.O.D. garnered critical praise for the opening 1993 'Snuff The Punk' album and managed to shift over 30'000 copies of their 1996 'Brown' album.

P.O.D.'s 'The Fundamental Elements Of South Town' album, produced by Howard Benson, would land the band at the coveted no. 1 spot on the Billboard album charts rapidly exceeding the million sales mark. Touring during 2000 would find P.O.D. ranked alongside STAIND and CRAZY TOWN as part of the MTV sponsored 'Return Of The Rock' tour. The group would garner further exposure by having the Rick Rubin produced track 'School Of Hard Knocks' included in the soundtrack for the hit Adam Sandler comedy movie 'Little Nicky'. The band's 'Snuff The Punk' and 'Brown' releases would be re-marketed complete with a remix and all new sleeve artwork in 2000 by the Diamante Music Group label.

P.O.D. stayed true to their roots with the 2001 follow up 'Satellite' inviting H.R. of BAD BRAINS to rap on the track 'Without Jah, Nothin' and Jamaican Toaster Eek A Mouse featuring on the song 'Ridiculous'. P.O.D. also donated a track entitled 'America' for an upcoming SANTANA album. Tour dates would be affected though as Sonny Sandoval suffered from a herniated disc in his neck, resulting in the cancellation of proposed European shows.

In early 2003 P.O.D. parted ways with founding member Marcos Curiel. The guitarist soon established a venture in league with ex-GRAMMATRAIN vocalist Pete Stewart alongside bassist Tony Delocht and drummer Ernie Longoria, both members of San Diego act SPRUNG MONKEY, entitled THE ACCIDENT EXPERIMENT. Curiel's replacement would be Jason Truby of LIVING SACRIFICE. The first product of this revised line-up would be the track 'Sleeping Awake' featured on the 'Matrix Reloaded' movie soundtrack. As P.O.D. readied the release of their new studio album the Big Eye label weighed in with a tribute album, rather unimaginatively entitled 'Tribute To P.O.D.' Oddly, this outing included no less than four tracks donated in homage by RENEGADEZ OF FUNK whilst STANDARD ISSUE covered P.O.D.'s cover of U2's 'Bullet The Blue Sky'.

Touring in North America saw the band packaged with headliners LINKIN PARK for shows commencing January of 2004. Headline dates, commencing 1st May in Denver, Colorado, had P.O.D. allied with Sweden's BLINDSIDE, Italy's LACUNA COIL and Hardcore "all star" act HAZEN STREET. That same year Jason Truby prepared an ambitious solo album entitled 'String Theory'. Employing no less than nineteen different types of guitar, the record apparently claimed to be recorded with a "patent pending recording technique that captured some of the most ground breaking acoustic sounds ever recorded." P.O.D. commenced recording of a new album in November.

In January 2005 both Sonny Sandoval and Wuv donated their talents to song 'Forever In Our Hearts', conceived by GODHEAD's Jason Miller as a benefit effort in aid of the Indian Ocean tsunami victims. US concerts commencing mid November would be dubbed the "Fall Brawl", packaged with Atlantic label mates STAIND and TAPROOT plus Texas rockers FLYLEAF.

P.O.D's 'Testify' outing sold over 54,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 9 on the Billboard album chart. The "The Warriors Tour 2: Guilty By Association" North American tour in April 2006 would be backed up by THE CHARIOT, PILLAR and MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER. The May issued 'WWE : Wreckless Intent' compilation, featuring WWE wrestling themes showcased throughout the company's 'Smackdown!', 'Raw', 'Saturday Night's Main Event' and pay per view extravaganza flagship formats, boasted the previously unreleased track 'Bookaya 619', a song composed for the WWE wrestler Rey Meysterio.

P.O.D. split with Atlantic Records in August. A compilation, 'Greatest Hits - The Atlantic Years', arrived on November 21st through Rhino Records. In December the band was rejoined by guitarist Marcos Curiel. P.O.D. made its first appearance with Curiel in nearly four years on New Year's Eve at Times Square in New York City.

FILTER was set to hook up with P.O.D. for a run of European tour dates commencing 7th January 2009 at the Coliseu in Lisbon, Portuga running through dates in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway and Sweden prior to five UK shows.However, these concerts were then cancelled. Despite rumours of P.O.D.'s demise, the group toured South America in November and December 2008 hitting Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

Marcos Curiel would be spotlighted in a fresh band project announced in mid July 2009. INTERVIEW was the name of a new California based band featuring Curiel, former ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA singer Lukas Ross, ex-CHEVELLE bass player Joe Loeffler, with David Buckner, ex-PAPA ROACH, on drums. 

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