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ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT was a leading and influential San Francisco Crossover outfit created initially by drummer Chris Kontos, guitarist Eric Smith (later Eric McIntire) and German bassist Rick Strahl, the formation rounded out with the addition of singer Kevin Reed.The actual origins of the band lay in a trio manifested by Kontos and McIntyre and singer Nick Colgien in 1983 named HOMICIDAL YOUTH. Rick Strahl met the musicians at The Record Exchange in Walnut Creek and secured his position. When ex-TEENAGE WARNING vocalist Kevin Reed supplanted Colgien the title ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT was adopted. A friend of the band, Mike Kennet, named the band after some abusive advice he had received from a homeless person whilst skateboarding,

This Kontos / Reed / McIntire / Strahl quartet soon conquered the Bay Area club scene, performing at venues such as Mabuhay Gardens, Ruthies Inn and the New Method. Reed, forced out of the band due to attendance at a state camp, was replaced by Andy "Airborne" Anderson and Chris Scapparo joined subsequently as a second guitarist. In this format, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT recorded the 1985 'Dead Serious' demo at Peter Miller Studios with engineer Eric Kauschen. HEATHEN's Doug Piercy acted as producer.

The debut album, 1987's 'American Paranoia' issued via Pusmort Records, features a line-up of vocalist Andy Andersen, guitarist Chris Scaparro, bassist Rick Strahl and drummer Chris Kontos. However, as album sales took off fans bemusement at a sudden perceived reluctance to tour would be answered when it was learned ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT had actually split up just days before the release of 'American Paranoia'.

The group reformed in 1987 with a membership of Kevin Reed, Chris Kontos, Eric McIntrie and bassist Kevin Medeiros for a series of West Coast tours.

Meantime, for the second official outing in 1988, 'Kein Schlaf Bis Deutschland' issued through We Bite Records and recorded at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Cotati, California, the band had shortened their title to simply ATTITUDE. This had eventuated when, in late 1987, Andy Andersen, Chris Scaparro and Rick Strahl teamed up with erstwhile CONDEMNED TO DEATH guitarist Keith Chatham to form CONDEMNED ATTITUDE, which duly evolved into ATTITUDE. Still billed as ATTITUDE the band travelled to Germany to craft the next EP, 'The Good, The Bad, The Obnoxious' at Masterplan Studios in Hildesheim with producer Stephan Mottek. This set featured the cover versions 'Kicked In The Teeth', by AC/DC, 'Summertime Blues', by EDDIE COCHRAN, 'Warhead', by U.K. SUBS and 'It's No TV Sketch', by DISCHARGE.

Drummer Chris Kontos, later to join MACHINE HEAD and Danes KONKHRA, was supplanted by Paul Birnbaum and the band shifted Rick Strahl to second guitar bringing in Keith Chatham on bass. ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT's membership proved fluid. Chris Kontos, Eric Smith and Kevin Reed gelled together again, along with Ray Vegas from SOCIAL UNREST, to record 1988's 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' EP.

For the tracks on the 1988 'To Whom It May Concern' EP drum duties were handled by DEATH, HIRAX and DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES man Eric Brecht. The 'Out Of Hand' album introduced new guitarist Sean Sutton as Eric McIntire shifted to bass.

Andersen later formed ANDY ANDERSEN'S TRIBE before founding TWO-BIT THIEF in 1990. By 1999 he had created ROSE TATTOO tribute band ROSE TATTWHO? To release the 'Tribute To The Boys' album. Reed and McIntire forged DEATHTOLL. Chris Kontos journeyed through numerous acts including a term of duty with MACHINE HEAD.

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT was reformed during 2007 by Kevin Reed, Chris Kontos and Eric McIntire with Yapple Ruelas, of ATTACK DISARM TAKEOVER, DEFACE, DEATHTOLL and DOOMSDAY DEVICE, on guitar and Greg Orr, also of DEATHTOLL, on bass.

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