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The truly horrific AUTOPSY, originally known as THE ABORTED, was formed in San Francisco during 1987 when drummer Chris Reifert left DEATH following their 'Scream Bloody Gore' album. The band debuted in December that year with a four-track demo executed at ATR studios in Lafayette comprising 'Human Genocide', 'Embalmed', 'Stillborn' and 'Mauled To Death', these sessions featuring Eric Eigard on bass. Guitarist Eric Cutler sang lead vocals on 'Mauled To Death' whilst Reifert handled lead vocals on the other three tracks. A second demo, 'Critical Madness' issued in July 1988, found the inclusion of guitarist Danny Coralles and Ken Sorvari on bass.

The highly influential British underground label Peaceville Records duly picked the group up. The debut 1989 album 'Severed Survival' came adorned in a sickening sleeve, involving an unfortunate individual being ripped to pieces with the band logo rendered in lumps of flesh. This first edition rapidly became a collectors item when replied by the more generally known “doctors” cover. Demand was heightened by blood red vinyl editions and, naturally, a picture disc. Where AUTOPSY made their mark on the scene was by their incorporation of proto-sludge sluggishness as a counter foil to the death metal abrasion. They would carry this defining trait throughout their catalogue.

The group utilized SADUS bassist Steve DiGeorgio for the 'Severed Survival' recording sessions, conducted under the production guidance of METAL CHURCH guitarist John Marshall at Starlight Studios, but the band soon re-enlisted Ken Sorvari in time for European live work with BOLT THROWER and PESTILENCE. A stopgap EP, 'Retribution For The Dead', emerged in 1991. In 1990 prior to a further European tour bassist Ken Sovari left to be replaced by Eric's bother Steve Cutler. The band then executed dates in Holland throughout February aligned with PESTILENCE and BOLT THROWER on the 'Bloodbrothers' tour. SUFFOCATION bassist Josh Barohn also featured as a member the same year. Barohn was later to found WELT and IRON LUNG.

Steve Cutler departed following the 1991 'Mental Funeral' album, these self-produced tracks being laid down in just six days at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco. AUTOPSY played a 1992 festival in Detroit on a bill with MORTICIAN, VITAL REMAINS and REPULSION in which the band played as a trio due to Eric Butler breaking his hand. AUTOPSY re-enlisted the services of DiGiorgio for the March 1992 'Fiend For Blood' EP before adding ex-SUFFOCATION bassist Josh Barohn on a permanent basis. The spasmic Thrash / Doom collision 'Acts Of The Unspeakable', released that October, was hyped as AUTOPSY's most "sickest fuckin' album ever"- until July 1995's scatalogical comeback 'Shitfun'. This outing, clad in one of the grossest sleeves yet to adorn a Metal album to date, saw a guesting Clint Bower of HEXX repute on bass guitar. 'Shitfun' deliberately dove to uncharted depths of decadence with such fecally inclined material as 'I Shit On Your Grave', 'I Sodomise Your Corpse' and 'Shiteater'. The album's presentation, and change in direction to incorporate primitive Grind-Punk alienated a large sector of their existing audience.

Although 'Shitfun' had made an undeniable mark, AUTOPSY was to split. Chris Reifert created ABSCESS and by 2000 THE RAVENOUS with ANTHRAX, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and S.O.D. bassist Dan Lilker and NECROPHAGIA's Killjoy. In early 2002 Reifert guested on the 'Murderous, Ravenous' by MURDER SQUAD, the Swedish 'All star' Death Metal project of DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED members.

The specialist Death Metal label Necroharmonic Productions would issue a 9 track double 7" coloured vinyl live single 'Tortured Moans Of Agony' in 1998. The same label would combine AUTOPSY's early demos plus two 1990 era live tracks for the 2000 CD release 'Ridden With Disease'. Reifert continued on the path of the absolute in extreme the following year, announcing the formation of a fresh project subtly entitled EATMYFUKK.

A career retrospective DVD, entitled 'Dark Crusades'. Clocking in at 3 hours this set included numerous concert films including the band's last ever live show on July 29th 1994 at Ruthies Inn, San Francisco. Necroharmonic Productions added to the archives with vintage live tapes issued as the 2004 'Dead As Fuck' album.

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