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A vastly underrated, Glam styled Bay Area Hard Rock band operational between 1979 and 1983. The band first came to attention on the San Francisco scene by acting as openers to Y&T's 'Earthshaker' dates. Soon elevated to headline status, performing many 'Metal Monday's' shows at

Bill Graham's Old Waldorf club, the band would also raise their profile considerably by guesting for acts such as MȪTORHEAD, TED NUGENT, JOE PERRY PROJECT, ALDO NOVA, KIX and CHEAP TRICK. The band was also under consideration at one point to open for the KISS 'Creatures Of The Night' tour, even meeting PAUL STANLEY to discuss this alliance, but this failed to pass.

HEAD ON was due to record an album for the Shrapnel label in 1983 but this never materialised, their legacy remaining a flexi disc and a three song demo comprising 'Nothing To Say', 'Danny' and 'Take Me Home'. The band, managed by Jimmy Modern - also responsible for JETBOY and ANVIL CHORUS - got their got their start at the 'Boston West' pizza parlor in San Bruno, surprising many locals with their glammed up image.

HEAD ON's track 'Throw The Book', featured on the 1982 single 'Ready Go', would later be covered by CASTLE BLAK on their 1985 'Babes In Toyland' album. Band members included guitarist Frank Wilsey, subsequently of BASTARD SONS OF GOD, SEA HAGS and, as 'Frankie Wilsex', former RATT vocalist STEPHEN PEARCY's band projects ARCADE and NITRONIC. Original bassist Rick Tweed would be superseded by DJ Nichols in 1983. Frontman Mark 'Miro' Berglund went on to work with Italian producer Corrado Rustici and write songs for Loredana Berte', Enzo Avitabile and others. Meantime HEAD ON's guitar technician Ferny Rod formed JETBOY.

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