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UNITED STATES, California, San Francisco

Date Formed 1999

Categories: Brutal Death Metal, Death Metal


Death Metal act previously known as CHRIST DENIED upon their formation in 1997 by guitarists Murray Fitzpatrick and Tom Stoltz. Joining this duo would be drummer Greg White and bassist Armondo Avalos. During 1998 Stoltz relocated to Hawaii and former WHERE? Guitarist Mike Gilbert took his position. The following year Gilbert's WHERE? Colleague drummer Troy Fullerton was inducted and shortly after vocalist Dusty Boisjolie completed the line up.

Up to full strength CHRIST DENIED recorded a demo session in 1999 billed as 'Puddle Of Gore'. However, the band was then made aware of a European act of the same title and thus switched titles to SEVERED SAVIOR, debuting under their new brand in August of 2000 at a show opening for DISGORGE and DEEDS OF FLESH. Soon after Avalos made his exit and SEVERED SAVIOR opted to continue on the live circuit as a quartet with Fitzpatrick taking on bass duties.

Eventually erstwhile DEEDS OF FLESH man Jared Deaver was inducted. Deaver made his recording mark with the band recording three tracks included on the November 2001 album 'Forced To Bleed'. Just before the album was issued Gilbert took his leave. SEVERED SAVIOR pulled in Rob Lumbre of MUCUS MEMBRANE and PSYPHERIA. The multi talented Lumbre also citing credits as a drummer for PUNISHER and bassist for OSMIUM.

SEVERED SAVIOR were dealt a huge blow when Rob Lumbre was killed in a car accident on the 5th of January 2002. The band inducted Jason Kramer on second guitar in February as they geared up for an album for the Unique Leader label titled 'Brutality Is Law'. Subsequently Shon Benham was pulled in on guitar but in 2003 Jared Deaver exited. Tom Stolz would also found time to deputize on bass for FUNERAL AGE. In July of 2004 SEVERED SAVIOR landed the role as opening act for CANNIBAL CORSE and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.

SEVERED SAVIOR guitarist Shon Benham stood in as temporary bassist for GOATWHORE on their November 2004 US dates.

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