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A melodic Rock band led by Ex EZRA vocalist JOE LYNN TURNER, not be confused with the British FANDANGO. The first 1977 eponymous album featured Turner alongside guitarist Rick Blakemore, bassist Bob Danyls, keyboardist Denny LaRue and drummer Abe Speller.

The 1978 album 'Last Kiss' features two keyboard players, Larry Dawson and Denny LaRue plus new drummer Lou Mondelli. Radio stations received a now highly sought after upfront picture disc promotional copy of this album. This line-up of FANDANGO also cut the following year's Allan Blazek produced 'One Night Stand'.

Abe Speller rejoined the band for 1980's 'Cadillac', produced by Warren Schatz and Ed Newmark, which also sported percussionist Joe De Lia. This last release featured the track 'Blame It On The Night', a song subsequently covered by British outfits ALCATRAZZ and RAGE plus none other than TED NUGENT. In their time FANDANGO opened for CHICAGO and THE ALLMAN BROTHERS.

Turner has subsequently issued a number of solo albums and found worldwide attention fronting such major acts as RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and DEEP PURPLE. He would also front MOTHER'S ARMY. Keyboard player Larry Dawson joined the ULI JON ROTH band.

Wounded Bird Records re-issued the FANDANGO albums on CD in 2006.

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